CUHK offer of admission

I’m an international student from Chile and I just got my unconditional offer, but my admission offer notification didn’t include any info about financial aid. I’m worried because I was already accepted by HKUST and just as its admission letter (like the one of CUHK) didn’t have financial aid info, so I wasn’t awarded anything and I couldn’t attend.
PS: I applied on 20 Dec and the financial aid that I’m expecting is full-ride, including living allowance, otherwise I can’t attend

Firstly congrats on the offer! Would you mind share more about your detailed information on the major/interview date of your application?
As far concerning your questions, I heard that CUHK would normally give out infos on scholarship one or two weeks after the admission decisions.
So the financial aids and detailed info should be arriving shortly before your deadline of accepting the offer- though if you are in a hurry, you could email the office to urge a quicker response as well.

Oh also it’s based on my personal knowledge, but I think it’s extremely rare to see Hong Kong universities offering full scholarship to students either international or local- unlike China(Hanyan) and Japan(Jasso Foundation) which I had knowledge in. HK rarely gives out enough scholarship to support the cost of living of students in such an expensive city.
It’s kind of like public universities in US, they will give you a trim or a cut of tuition based on your entrance score. But they wouldn’t help on allowance for your housing and eating situation- you’ll need to carry that our on your own.