Current students/recent grads/parents - questions!

My son is currently trying to figure out where to spend the next four years. I thought he had pretty much decided on Clarkson, but after some online admitted student sessions and Q&A sessions, he’s more confused than ever.

Looking for input on the social scene. What do kids do on weekends? What is the party scene like? What is a typical student at Clarkson like? Specifically in freshman year, how are those big intro classes? Do you feel like your professors know you? Do they do anything to help ensure kids don’t fall through the cracks? Do you feel like there is a lot of academic support available? Any info you can provide about the school, pros and cons, would be greatly appreciated!! He’s majoring in civil engineering if that helps.

My son has committed to The Clarkson School early college program for the Fall. Clarkson has a very active parent facebook group where you would likely get the answers you seek very quickly. Good luck with your son’s decision!

Thank you. Do you have a link? I searched on FB but couldn’t find anything specifically for parents.

I can’t seem to get a link to post, but it is called clarkson university parent and family association. It is a closed group but they approve members quickly and there are several prospective parents currently posting questions to help with decision making.

Thanks @mbinacan44 found it!