Dance acceptance rate

Does anyone know what the current acceptance rate is for ballet? Mu daughter has a GPA of 3.9, no SAT scored due to COVID. Also any suggestions about applying given our current country’s situation.

Amongst the classical ballet programs, IU is right at the top of the list after Julliard. We thought of it as Indiana > Oklahoma > Utah. Academic admission was separate from (and prior to) ballet auditions. The former was easy, but the ballet acceptance rate for girls appears to be in the low single digits percent.

I’m not clear why you would consider Indiana to be any more affected by “our country’s current situation” than any other college. The key question for ballet is whether you have classes in person since Zoom ballet is a pretty poor alternative. But if colleges are not back in person by next fall then we have bigger things to worry about than ballet.

If what you mean is that there won’t be in person auditions and it is all based on videos then (if that is the case) unfortunately I suspect that will lead to more randomness in the decisions. But auditions are also highly random anyway.

Most of the ballet schools my daughter has applied to for Fall 2021 will tell you exactly how many auditioned last year, how many they made offers to and how big their freshman class ended up being. You’ll see a range of things but the acceptance rate ends up being quite low at all of the big ballet focused schools (Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, etc.) Off the top of my head I remember Butler’s stats as something like 400 audition/150 get offers/freshman class last year was huge as 50 of those accepted offers. Usually freshman class is around 25ish. Virtual open house events are great for asking those questions as are the admissions counselors. If I remember correctly Indiana’s freshman class is 10-12 students.

My daughter applied to all of her schools without SAT scores as all of her tests were canceled. It has not been an issue. Indiana and SUNY Purchase offered a spot on the application to describe any extenuating circumstances associated with COVID so there was an opportunity to explain the SAT scores and any extended breaks from dance.

All of my daughter’s auditions are by video or “live” by zoom. The only school she is applying to that has in-person auditions planned is Marymount Manhattan. The process of recording the videos is very time consuming so what has been working for us is to focus on two at a time with her top choices first, and moving down the list like that.

Hope all this helps! I know it’s very stressful. I’m sure your dancer will do great!

Hello, has anyone heard back from IU for ballet? My daughter submitted her 2nd audition prior to the Feb. 1 deadline and has yet to hear back. Thanks!