Dartmouth ED Applicant Discussion 2025

Hi everyone! I haven’t seen one of these yet this year but if there’s already one please let me know. I’m not really sure what you talk about on these but they make one every year. I guess we’ll just use it as a platform for questions and just general ranting lol.


Omg!!! I submitted my ED application and it feels so good! Does anyone know when we will get interview notifications?

I feel relieved to have submitted but also anxious that it can actually be reviewed now! I haven’t gotten anything about my interview. I think an alumnus from your area will email you but I’m not sure when that will be. They might not even know who has applied ED before November 1. We should get something within the next few weeks I’m sure.

Ok that’s what I was thinking. Same I am very anxious but I know I put everything I could into my application! I’m interested to see what happens this admissions cycle because of COVID. Ugh I love Dartmouth so much!!! Manifesting Dartmouth 2025 for us !

best of luck to everyone applying ED!! I so hope we can see each other at Dartmouth next year :slight_smile:

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I’m manifesting too! I hope I can meet everyone in Hanover soon enough!! I’ll post here if I get any info about my alumni interview.

I live in the South so I’m not sure if I’ll even be offered an interview but fingers crossed! Has anyone been contacted about an interview yet?

I’m applying from the South too. I haven’t gotten anything yet. I feel like most people should get one this year because they’re virtual. I’ll post here if I get anything.

Hey guys! I applied ED to Dartmouth this year as well, and in regards to when interview invitations will be sent out, I think sometime in the next few weeks because I went down the rabbit hole of Dartmouth 23 Applicant forums and all of their interviews were scheduled in the last week of November so hopefully we hear soon. Good luck to everybody applying!

Dartmouth’s Alumni website provides helpful information on what Admissions is looking for from interviews: http://dartmouth.imodules.com/s/1353/directory/index.aspx?sid=1353&gid=350&pgid=11126

hi all,

I applied ED to Dartmouth College, and I live in the Bay Area. I know interviews are regional, and I’m wondering if anyone has been offered an interview yet. Also if you’ve had a Dartmouth interview in the past, I’d love to know any tips you might have!

thank you!!

I was poking around on the Dartmouth ED 2025 Reddit and apparently, people have been contacted by alumni for interviews. I’d say expect contact within the next week or two based on what the Reddit chain said.

We are starting to get assigned applicants as of last week, so you’ll likely start to hear from us about your interviews this week if you haven’t already. Most ED applicants get an interview and with these being all be virtual this year, it’s a pretty good bet someone will be reaching out to you. Check your spam folders too!

i applied ED and i’m so nervous!! i still haven’t gotten an interview. are there interviews for international students?

I just got my interview request! I’m scheduled for next week. Thank you Tank07 for the guidance.

Are you who are getting interviews hearing from the alums by email or phone?

Lol I still haven’t gotten an interview notification !! I really hope I get one but I know if you aren’t offered one it doesn’t hurt you! Good luck everyone!

not me!

I just got my interview request this morning! The alumni emailed me, and I’m scheduled for next Wednesday. For reference, I live in the Northeast.

My child received an interview request via last week and has scheduled a meeting for next week. We are located in the Northeast but the interviewer is not.