Davidson Fellows 2022


I am waiting for Davidson fellows scholarship result for 2022. Has anyone received a notification yet?

Did you get it yet? If so when did it arrive and what was the outcome? Have you heard from others?

today all the honorable mentions and fellows were named, did you get in? we’re making a discord server so i was curious

Hi quick question… were all of the winners named or only just some? thx!

would you mind messaging me the link? i’m a fellow :slight_smile:

alr sent, there’s only two of us atm lol ■■■■■■■■■■/SkwrgXBa

unsure, i know a few that were so i would assume everyone

i cant message u unforutnatly bc u have it disabled, but ig we’ll get emails to know eachother soon so we can probs connect then? or u can message me idk