Davidson RD 2025

Congrats on all the acceptances and good luck to the WLers.

@homerdog - I haven’t looked recently but I think Davidson’s yield is typically high 40s – around 45 to 48%. You have to back out the ED acceptances, of course, but my guess is no more than 15% RD acceptance this year.

Current Davidson parent here so anyone with questions, feel free to send me a PM!


My D21 is in!


D21 is in!! So happy!


Congrats on all the acceptances! My D is in too. Good luck to the WL!


AlmostThere2018 - please check your PMs. Just sent you msg. thanks!

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Davidson has less than 8% acceptance rate this year.

I don’t think that’s right. We don’t know how many kids they accepted.

If their anticipated yield were to be ~47% (as that of last year), the acceptance rate would probably have been about 18% as they would have offered to about 1150 (out of 6400) applicants.

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More than 6,400 competed for the freshman class of 540 students.

But @Samroy is correct on the acceptance rate.

got a nice little acceptance package

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Did your package arrive in the mail?

Yup! I’m up in Boston so they must have sent it out a few days ago

It’s totally unscientific poll time!

Does anyone know how many people are typically waitlisted at Davidson?

I’d like to know the answer to this also, but I haven’t found it anywhere online. In their Common Data set, Davidson does not disclose how many applicants are offered spots on the waitlist. They do disclose (on their waitlist FAQ page) how many they enroll off the waitlist. Last year that number was 50.

If they were to go by their yield from last year, then relatively more people (as compared to last year) from the waitlist may get offered as the applicant pool has increased across the board this year. I don’t think they disclosed the number of offers that they extended as of now (all they said was targeted class size of 540).

@2Devils - I tried to respond to your PM but not sure it went through? Please let me know if you didn’t get it!

Thank you!!!