Deffered From Tulane EA, Chances at RD?

I just got deferred from Tulane. I have showed interest early on, and was really banking on getting in EA, because the RD is obviously much harder. Is there anything I should be doing in the meantime?
GPA: w 4.57
SAT- 1440
IB Diploma Student

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I found this blog from the Tulane page and found it had helpful information for students who received the deferral for EA. Jeff's Blog Feed | Undergraduate Admission

Good luck!

The above is the best advice, but this link may be easier to read, including the important “Do’s and Don’ts”

My kid had these exact stats last year and was deferred, then waitlisted and ultimately rejected. She showed all the interest, followed all the advice in the blog, etc. I think it was yield protection. If you had applied ED I bet you would both have gotten in.