Depauw Class of 2021 Early Action Thread.

Hi guys. Now that the EA deadline has passed, I think its the suitable time to discuss things. Post ur stats here and discuss things up :slight_smile:

33k scholarship offer through email.

did you apply Early Action?? @hyden2016

Yeah, cant attend though. they are asking for 28K. I can only pay 12K:(

Well. Thats odd. The notification date for EA applicants is Jan.15. When did you apply? @hyden2016

It was an unofficial "acceptance’ where Depauw offers you scholarship and asks to increase the remaining family contribution. If you cant increase the family contribution either they will reject you or will reconsider you application to see whether you deserve more aid or not, I am not sure. I sent all my stuff on 15 Nov.Good Luck!

I also got an E-Mail from Depauw. It told me about the Honor Scholars Program. The email mentioned that only selected students for applying to Honor Scholars Program. Does that mean that I have been accepted. Also can you tell me your stats like SAT score , GPA and Ecs if you don’t mind. @hyden2016

I got accepted a few days ago!!!

@mereantley Congratulations. Did you apply Early Action?

@sahil123 i did indeed!!! i’m really thinking about going hehe but not know, kind of feels like it’s in the middle of no where

@mereantley Which major are you opting for? I think Depauw is an amazing University. I agree that Depauw is in a small town but that doesn’t really matter. The campus is what matters and you will enjoy your time there.
I also applied EA to Depauw. What are your stats and when did you apply?

@sahil123 I applied late october//early november. 25 ACT, 1210 NEW SAT, and I’m student class president. I’m looking to major in theatre and performance with a minor in creative writing, or possibly a double major

Great. How much FA you got? @mereantley

Just got DePauw acceptance! And $24,000 per year!!

That was EA

When did you apply and can you post ur stats @goblue8721

I applied in later November! @sahil123 and i had a 34 ACT and 3.74 GPA

@goblue8721 You have amazing test scores. I am wondering why you got much less FA as compared to others who have scorrs much less than yours

Accepted!! Got $34k Financial Aid. SAT score-1500/1600

congrats!! Was it over mail or email?