Kraft started making the pasta in shapes, likely to appeal to kids. But they charged the same and had less pasta in the box so didn’t buy those kinds.

I remember some of the old shapes but as noted, not as good as elbows. We might have bought TMNT and Mario.

I know we bought Sonic the Hedgehog Spaghettio’s.

My daughter didn’t like the stuff in the blue box. She lived on elbow mac and butter, and if I had it parm cheese from the Kraft green can (but never the Safeway brand which was orange and she didn’t like it). She was a white food girl, and the stuff in the green can was okay but anything else wasn’t okay.

When we’d eat with her friends, even their moms knew to take out a small bowl of the Mac before the ‘Cheese’ was added for my D, and then the rest of the kids got more powder cheese.

Really, it is not any harder to boil water and cook elbow mac than it is to make Mac and Cheese from the blue box.

Name changes in general are dumb. I ate plenty of packaged food growing up, but for some reason mac and cheese was not one of them. I used to feed the kids Annie’s occasionally, but they said the school lunch mac and cheese was better. (Who knows what was in that one!) I actually do think there’s something to making it in large quantities that makes it better. I sometimes order it as a side in BBQ joints. I don’t think I’ve actually ever gotten a box of Kraft.

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When we got married our best man gave us a house. Yes, a house made of boxes of macaroni and cheese. It had a working door. Mind you, it wasn’t Kraft dinner. These were generic boxes of macaroni and cheese.
This house fed us during the first year of our marriage when we were poor and I was in grad school.

You can doctor boxed macaroni and cheese in a variety of ways. I prepare the box according to instructions and then add a splash of milk, grated cheddar, some parmesan, canned tuna, frozen peas, ground pepper, and garlic powder, then microwave a few minutes.


If it weren’t for the name change, we would not be talking about dry pasta and cheese here in the Cafe! :slight_smile: Freshening up an old brand sometimes pays off.

Kids were fans of homemade boiled pasta with butter and grated cheese and then the Annie’s stuff. Had to be white, I guess? For some reason, Kraft boxes were not as liked.


This is sort of adorable!!! I would have spent the extra cash for Kraft. :wink:

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