Do Ivy recruits need test scores

I have heard different things. My understanding was that the Ivys require test scores even though the NCAA does not. But an Ivy coach that is recruiting my son told us last month that they are waiting for the NCAA to rule whether they would be test optional this year or not. My kid can ask the coaches, but he feels weird starting the recruiting process by asking this question. Thanks.

The NCAA is permanently test optional in terms of determining eligibility NCAA Division I Council modernizes rules for coaching limits |

However, some coaches from test optional schools can and do require test scores from any athlete they recruit.

Of course, recruited athletes who are applying to schools that require tests such as Florida, Tennessee, and Georgia publics, must have a test score.


This seems to have been an add to your post…Ivy League schools do not require test scores for recruited athletes (although as I mentioned above, some coaches might). Coaches may also ask for a test score, if the student has one, to help decide whether that test score should be part of their app, or not.

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This seems common. They ask for transcripts and test scores and make a judgment on how viable a student the athlete - they have a good pulse on this - and then advise on the application strategy.

OP, our experience was that coaches asked for/about this at the earliest interactions. They asked about curriculum, corse selection, rigor. They don’t want to waste their time on someone who won’t pass muster with admissions. My point is I don’t think your athlete should be concerned about bringing this up as I t will come up naturally.

If it doesn’t, given timing (you have a ‘24), it’s 100% ok to ask. I am thinking of taking the test, is this something I will need?

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We definitely know Ivy-bound ED/REA/SCEA athletes in the Class of 2027 who did not take (let alone, submit) any standardized tests. But in general, it’s helpful to have a strong test score under the belt by late Fall of Junior year - puts the coach at ease.

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Just to be clear - for an Ivy League athlete - a “strong” test score can be in the mid 1300’s. Not to be confused with a strong test score for regular applicants which is high 1500’s. I believe some of the ivys have gone back to requiring test scores - if the school requires scores it requires them of all applicants including athletes. There is no school (that I know of) that requires scores of regular applicants but not athletes.

And as already stated test optional schools may still require your score for the pre read even if you end up applying without the score.

Which is what a high academic D3 coach would like to see. I agree with the Ivy clarification. They just want to know that there is a minimum bar met and then coaches advise those students not to submit a score.

I haven’t heard of any Ivies requiring scores. I only know of MIT and Georgetown.

Parent of an Ivy recruited athlete. I think the honest answer is it depends on which Ivy and what sport, and how good at that sport the applicant is. Different schools had different requirements at this time in 2022.


No Ivy league schools require test scores, they are all test optional. Some coaches may require test scores of their recruits though. I do agree with your point that a strong test score for a recruit is all relative.

My bad. I thought Princeton and Yale had announced plans to go back to tests. But I only pay perfunctory attention.

I think they were slow to announce.

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