Does Bentley give much aid? Leaning toward other options if not....

@MYOS1634 I just read his email from them. Doesn’t say Paul Scholar. Says Paul Scholar Merit Scholarship, so am thinking not. However, subject line of email says ‘You have been selected as a Paul Scholar’. I’ve emailed them.

'I write to congratulate you on being selected to receive one of our prestigious Peter T. Paul Scholars merit scholarships. This scholarship is for $5,000 per year, and is renewable for a total of four years. It is our expectation that this investment in you will enable you to secure an excellent education and build the foundation for a successful and meaningful career once you graduate from UNH.

This scholarship is offered to you in addition to your other UNH Admissions Merit Scholarship.

This scholarship is funded by Peter T. Paul, the namesake of UNH’s Business and Economics College. Mr. Paul funded these scholarships to support and recognize the most academically promising students who want to major in Business Administration, Economics or Hospitality Management at the Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics.

I hope to welcome you to Paul College in the coming year. You will receive an invitation shortly to join us for a Paul Scholars dinner on Monday, February 18th so please save the date and watch for more information about what will be a fun and informational program exclusively for admitted Paul Scholars and their families.

There are several wonderful benefits for this select group of scholars we invite you to join. These benefits include, but are not limited to, the following:

Early arrival and special three-day orientation program;
Expanded leadership development program;
Academic and career readiness support from academic advisors and Paul College Career Counselors;
Option to join a Paul Scholars living/learning community in a residence hall near the Paul College building.’

I think he WAS invited to Paul Scholars but didn’t realize the significance :frowning: Paul Scholars meet alumni and donors so such dinners shouldn’t be seen as ‘optional’.

@MYOS1634 just heard back from UNH. He was not admitted to the Honors College there. Will have to visit both UNH and UMass/Isen to see what he feels most comfortable with. I think at this point, those are his top choices and best options unless Bentley offers him a good package but I don’t think that will happen.

I really thought the wording on his invitation indicated he was a Paul Scholar (which is not Honors program at large, but Business honors - did you check about that too?)
It’d change things since being Paul Scholar would give him significant advantages over ‘regular’ business students at UNH.
Good luck on the visit. Do report back on your and your son’s impressions :slight_smile:
No bad choice really :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

@Portenio thanks for sharing this article. Interesting. Even more so that Bentley and UConn did not make this list. I will share this with my son. Thanks again.

@nancyjo67 I would advise against UNH. Regardless of what the above link shows, UNH does not represent well in the Boston job market and none of the Big 4 accounting firms recruit there. That would be the last school on my child’s list. I would search to see where their grads go without an advanced degree. I know too many parents who have been disappointed with UNH.

@nancyjo67 @Portenio I looked into the poets & quant omission for Bentley and it’s because they did not submit the info to them this year (and last I think), not because they rank low. It’s probably the same thing with UCONN.

@suzyQ7 I agree. I referenced Poets & Quant for detailed business school profiles by same source.
My daughter must choose from Babson, Bentley, UMass Amherst Isenberg, Mount Holyoke, and Holy Cross for finance or economics major. All great schools with their own pros and cons, and with varying levels of merit aids.

We are looking forward to visiting each campus again during admit days before making the final decision, but probably the final net cost will be the most important factor.

I just happened to stumble upon this post today and as a current Peter T. Paul Scholar at UNH, feel free to ask me any questions about the program. Many of the Paul Scholars including myself live on our own wing of a residential building during the first year of attendance and it is a very intuitive, unique academic experience.

@Portenio Great choices, congrats! Was she lucky enough to also get into the Women’s Leadership program?

@suzyQ7 Thank you. She did not get Women’s Leadership Program scholarship but she was invited to the Women of Excellence Dinner in two weeks because she got a Provost’s scholarship. She will learn more about other programs in Center for Women and Business (CWB) that are available who did not get into the WLP.

Thank you for this information. My son is deciding between UGA Terry School of Biz and Bentley and I was disturbed to see B was not on the list, so this is helpful.