Does Bentley give much aid? Leaning toward other options if not....

My son was notified on Friday, as were most, of his acceptance to Bentley. We had been missing one tax doc that I emailed to the fin aid office on Friday. In his acceptance letter, there was no mention of any merit nor aid. I did email with his FA person yesterday and she indicated that she would be looking at folks and sending out info within two weeks if they will be getting anything. So my question is, does anyone have any past years experience with this? As of now it would be roughly $72k per year for him to go there. His other options are Isenberg @ UMass for roughly $25k/year, UNH for roughly $10k/year (rec’d nice package), UConn for $35k/year (recd $15k/year from them). Am leaning towards Isenberg at this point as it seems like best value.

Let me add that HE is leaning towards the other 3. He’ll make his decision based on admissions day and $$$ once he has all info. Just waiting on Bentley at this point but to me, it is not looking too promising if there was nothing in his acceptance letter. Thanks for any feedback or input.

Are you asking about financial aid or merit aid?

Merit aid was in acceptance letter. Financial aid department said notice within ten days.

Did you run the net price calculator? They say they are quite accurate for Bentley. Can anyone verify this as true from last year?

Umass isenburg is just as good of a biz school as Bentley and with a much better price tag. Unless your kid is looking for a smaller school, I’d just send him to Umass. The kids coming out of their are doing well these days, plenty of opportunities.
Bentley isn’t known for being particularly generous with aid. I do like Bentley, it’s a nice, safe place, good academics. Good for the right kind of kid.

My daughter also got the $20K/year scholarship that is exactly what their Net Price Calculator indicated. It seems to be based on family finances, and student’s test score & high school grades.
Bentley seems to be at least more generous than Babson. She got accepted to Babson with zero scholarship and that was what their NPC indicated, too.

I did do the NPC and about fell off my chair with the outcome. Ok, so no merit in the acceptance letter I guess is our answer…am hoping he chooses Isenberg. I feel it is the best option, not to mention a great school and awesome opportunity for him! Thank you!

@nancyjo67 My son is a junior at Bentley. In our case, the net price calculator was spot on. I would also say they are very generous with financial aid IMO. Don’t give up hope yet! Financial aid packets are mailed about 10 days after acceptances are announced.

Thanks so much for your response @Stuffedquahog. I’ll hold off on sending in any deposits. I see him a good fit at a smaller school but not at $50k more per year unfortunately. Will hold off and see if he gets anything. Thanks again!!

Don’t take parental loans for him though when you have as excellent choices as Isenberg and UNH - and if you can’t afford a college out of pocket (from income and savings) he needs to know NOW so that he starts mourning. You can tell him that if he doesn’t get $X in scholarship/grant money Bentley will be unaffordable…
(BTW I do think Isenberg is better than UConn but if fit is better and Uconn is within budget…)

@MYOS1634 thanks for the input. I told him this evening what we could assist him with each year for the next 4 years. He is in agreement that Bentley is much too high if they’re not giving him anything. UNH would be roughly $17k/year, UConn $35k/year and Isenberg $22k/year. I think his best deal is Isenberg. But it is ultimately his decision. I’ve given him a # of what we will supplement. Admissions day @ UMass is Sunday.

Also, I’ve coached him all along to go with a good state school and if you want, get your masters from a big name school when the time comes. And better yet, hopefully your employer will pay for some, if not all, of your masters. My niece graduated from UNH in 2002 from theHealth & Policy Mgmt. programa. She’s done amazing at a great company just outside of Boston. Most recently as CFO and was just named CEO. She got her masters, w distinction, from Bentley prior to CFO/CEO promotions. She is a hard worker and has done very well so UNH is also a great option. All his options are good. But yes, I’ve coached him towards a lower cost undergrad and big name masters degree, if that is the route he takes. UNH, UConn and UMass are all great options. He is blessed to have these options.

@MYOS1634 the numbers above indicating cost for each school is after what each school is giving and before what we will give him. He will come out with little to no loans by attending UNH or UMass. Just wanted to clarify.

That’s perfect then. He as three excellent, affordable choices. :slight_smile:
Well, you never know about Bentley, but apparently the NPC wasn’t promising, so let’s hope the award is better, but it’s great your son is taking things so well.
Did he get honors anywhere? (This may make a difference in that the learning experience would be better).

@MYOS1634 is Isenberg similar to honors? Is Honors at UMass just the Sciences? He got into Honors at ULowell. Paul School at UNH. Storrs Campus at Uconn. Isenberg @ UMass. Bentley @ Bentley ;)!

No, Honors is separate. Sometimes it’s automatic, sometimes you have to apply. Honors provides special perks, but I think Isenberg without honors is still better than Lowell Honors in terms of opportunities.
You can check it out (type “honors college” + “UMass Amherst” or whatever college).
If UNH gave him such a nice scholarship it’s strange they didn’t offer him Honors too.

There are living learning communities at all three universities, even without the Honors Program.
Note that these communities, called RAP at UMass, can be hard to get into so if he wants one (and it’s highly recommended) he should decide fast - the Isenberg RAP has a specific application and a deadline (late April or early May).

Thank you for this, I had no idea on the RAP stuff.

He got $36k from UNH. In some places I see its $46k to go and others $50k (we are OOS). Part of that $36k is $5500 FAFSA and $2500 Work Study. $17k as tuition grant. Then Dean scholar and Paul School Scholar. He did well. Still leaning towards UMass. I don’t want to rush him but also want to open up slots and $$$ for others that are waiting if he will not be utilizing.

Actually, Paul scholars is THE honors program for the best business students!

Poets & Quants for Undergrads has a ranking of undergraduate business schools and each school’s profile in a similar manner. UMass Amherst and UNH are there. Unfortunately, Bentley and UConn are not.

@MYOS1634 I’ll call admissions tomorrow to see if he got into Honors Program. I know he got into the Paul School and received a Paul Scholarship so not sure that indicates Honors School. I’ll find out. Then will visit. Thank you for all of your input and guidance.

Ask if he got into Paul Scholars - but you did say “Paul School Scholar”. There’s a scholarship that comes with the honor.