Dominican University/Lines Anyone?

Has anyone heard back from Dominican/Lines BFA?

My D was accepted a few days ago. I know they were having some difficulties with their emails. My daughter called them and the told her over the phone that she is in. We still haven’t received the email. You may want to give them a call. Good luck

Thanks for the response! My daughter actually emailed Lines and Dominican last week. She heard back from Lines that she had been accepted by them but still nothing from Dominican. Although, her portal says she’s accepted. We’re wondering when we’ll hear about any scholarships. Congratulations to your daughter!

Congratulations to your daughter as well!! Very exciting and an amazing program! Looks like we are all in the same boat. Good luck through the rest of this gut renching experience. Lol!

Seriously! I think we’re getting closer though. Seems like she has it narrowed down to 2-3.

Her too! She had an interview with NYU today and has callback with USC next weekend. More waiting. Ughh but she has some good options already. Fingers crossed!

S received an email this morning from Dominican admitting him for Nursing. Portal has not updated.