Drexel Class of 2027 Official Thread

This is the official discussion thread for Drexel Class of 2027 RD applicants. Ask your questions and connect with fellow applicants.

Anyone attending the Winter Preview this coming Sunday? We weren’t sure how different it will be compared to the other Admitted Student events. The Winter Preview fits our schedule better.

We will be there

We attended today and again were very impressed with how Drexel organizes events. In November, we had attended an Open House and Drexel jumped from near bottom to the top of my DD’s list. Today only confirmed what she thought and at the end of the session on her major (Communications), she announced that she was ready to go over to the admissions office and make her official commitment!
So, I am officially the Mother of a Dragon!



Hi - I had thought that Drexel was rolling admissions (not sure why…) but based on threads from last year, it looks like regular admissions decisions come out at the same time sometime in March?

My son applied for BS/MD program. His application has been forwarded to Med School. After seeing this thread, we realize he applied RD instead of EA. The application deadlines for BS/MD program are same Nov 1st.

Will it cause any issues with his eligibility for merit scholarships or undergrad admission.

Can anyone tell me if Drexel has a foreign language requirement, generally? On their admissions/academic pages, it seems like many of the majors require a couple years of lab science and math but I don’t see any mention of foreign languages. Thanks.

Last year came out in middle/late March?

any one received acceptance for BS/MD? interviews were happened week of 2/19.

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Just got an admissions decision.

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D admitted to Westphal for Film and Television.

@Liz1986 congrats to your kid!!


DD accepted at 9:45 am today Poly-Sci

Son accepted to Engineering with scholarship!

Good luck to all!!

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Got accepted!

S23 accepted but merit scholarship is minimal (11k) considering the tuition and compared to other schools where the merit is generally 2x that.