Drexel vs Isenberg vs Bentley for Management or Marketing

Hi! I got accepted to these three schools and I am interested in going for either management or marketing. I’m not interested in the accounting or finance route. I would really love top-level internships and a social scene. I am a first-generation student who accumulated a good amount of scholarships for these schools so the price doesn’t matter too much as they are all approximately $20k a year for me to go. I’m not sure which school getting a degree from is better for the “creative” or less numerical side of business and which is more respectable for companies. Please help, thank you!

D20 isn’t in Isenberg, but many of her friends love it. Plus, this just happened, which is amazing for the school: UMass Amherst Isenberg School of Management receives largest donation ever

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Congrats on your acceptances. They are all fine choices so (assuming they are all affordable) so you want to find the one that is the best fit for you. I would focus on what makes the schools different. Here are some things to consider.

–UMass is a large (approx. 24,000) public school which is part of the five-college consortium.
–Drexel is a large (approx. 26,000 students) private urban college known for having a strong co-op program. I believe Drexel is on the quarter system while the other two colleges you are considering have semesters (double check me on this) – some people like the quarter system, others prefer semesters.
–Bentley is a mid-size (approx. 4,000 students) suburban school where pretty much every student is studying business. (FWIW we visited Bentley with my S and although he attended a different college we were impressed by Bentley and its programs - we did not visit UMass or Drexel).

If possible try to visit (or re-visit) the schools. One might just feel like “home” to you.

Wow - three different ones.

In theory, Drexel will be best for internshps although you can’t say top level. That’s because they have the co op program.Co Ops can be good…or not - depending on the role given.

Bentley is going to be your most business focused - but I would check the social scene as it’s smaller - but outstanding outcomes.

UMASS is a solid flagship, with top food, and with sports and all the other things.

You can get internships from all three - but Drexel will be almost forced into it via co-op and Bentley will, in my opinion have a stronger "network’ to pull. But kids find internships on their own today via linkedin and indeed as well as Handshake via the schools. As long as the economy stays strong, you shouldn’t have an isssue - really at any of the three.

So Drexel is very urban, UMASS is your big time, traditional school and is not urban, and Bentley is more foucused (although you can cross register with Brandeis). Three unique but excellent choices.

Good luck to you.