Duke ED 2024

Hey guys! I have yet to see a thread for those applying ED to Duke this year. I guess this could just be a thread for any questions, answers, and concerns. Also, has anyone gotten the info for the application portal? I haven’t gotten anything…

Literally my only college that hasn’t sent a portal :frowning:

Got portal link Oct 23. Now waiting on alumni interview

Thanks for starting this thread. My D applied ED today. Hoping for the best. Waiting for the interview as well.

The portal link only shows one test date of my SAT, however, I self reported two test dates on Common app. What does this mean? Did they receive both?

Hey! Did you send the test scores via the college board also?

No as the application says they allow self reported scores. Do I still have to send from college board? I thought they only require from college board if you are accepted.

My S received his application portal and his alumni interview on Oct 24

Duke superscores ACT and SAT so they take the best from your submitted scores and create a new superscored composite, which is what you should be seeing.

You are correct. You only need to submit official SAT scores directly from college board prior to enrollment.

I submitted highest math score from one sitting and highest reading/writing score from the other sitting - the common app says Duke downloaded both and Duke’s portal has a green check next to SAT score received, however at the bottom of page it only lists score received from one sitting - doesn’t mention what the score is just the date of the score. When I called they said to hold on as they are still processing things but it has been this way for a week now. Should I just rush scores from College Board or sit and wait?

Maybe wait? Have things been fixed?

Hello? Can I ask what state you are in? My daughter hasn’t received her interview yet.

I am in Maryland, but I heard that not all applicants will be contacted for an interview. I have not been contacted.

We are in the Chicago suburbs. The Alumnus gave my S two options for his interview: Nov 9 and Nov 16. He will be meeting with his interviewer on the 16th.

@milag5050 May I ask how they determine who gets contacted for an interview and who doesn’t?

You have to indicate on your application that you want an interview, and then it depends on whether there are alumni in your area to give you one.

Still did not get contacted for an interview, and normally everyone in my region(Long Island, NY) gets contacted for one. When should I start getting concerned?

I got my portal but no interview yet

I also haven’t heard about an interview yet. Since we’re all seemingly without an interview, I take that to mean they haven’t yet assigned them.