Duke Kunshan University Class of 2023

Hey guys! It’s really early for this, but I wanted to make this discussion for prospective students at Duke Kunshan University in China. To learn more about DKU, visit dukekunshan.edu.cn

I’m applying!

Hi everyone! Best of luck with your applications! DKU is a really awesome place to go to school.

Thank you for making this! I am applying from SoCal, and am really curious/confused about my “place” within the applicant pool (there’s like virtually no avg. SAT scores/ECs). If anyone is willing, please share! Thanks!

I am an undergraduate student at DKU and I applied with an ACT score of 34 and an SAT score of 1530. I also took seven AP courses and got mostly 4s and 5s. That being said, I know of several students with test scores above and below mine who are at DKU. Test scores are important but there is also a strong focus on other aspects of your academic profile, extracurricular activities, and your personal statement. I hope that this helps!

Does anybody know when or how decisions are released? I thought the ED round came out today but it can be unclear

Wonder how admission rate and potential financial aid compares for applying to DKU vs Duke main campus?

Decisions will usually come out over email first and then they will FedEx you a package with all of the information in it as well. I hope this helps!

@nypapa DKU’s admission rate is slightly lower, at 7.98% compared to 8.3% (Duke main campus).

Hey y’all! Submitted my application to DKU a couple days ago (procrastinator, I know ?), SUPER nervous for the wait to come. Does anyone know when they usually email interview info and stuff like that?

@muffinmunchkin I am the parent of a DKU freshman. SAT score was 1550 (on the old SAT) ACT was 34, and I don’t remember GPA, but lots of advanced courses at a highly selective residential STEM school. Also, some interesting extracurriculars and two summer internships. No hook.

The merit scholarships for the first two classes at DKU are VERY good. We were not going to qualify for need-based aid, but can’t afford to pay full private school tuition, so the generous scholarship made DKU do-able for us.

DKU paid for all admitted students to fly to China for a weekend in April to check it out. Meeting the other students, who all had interesting personalities, is what convinced my student to attend.

Good luck to you!

Last year, email interview info came out in very early March, and then acceptances came out at the end of March. Hope this helps!

@DKUSylvia we have like the exact same stats omg!!

For all admitted students, there is an instagram account created that you can follow @dukekunshan2023

Facebook also has a group that you can search and request to join “Duke Kunshan Class of 2023”

Has anyone gotten an interview yet?

@willingpop I haven’t. I was looking through last year’s thread, and I think interview decisions came out around March 1… fingers crossed lol

^^^^ that’s what I’ve been seeing too. I’m hoping for good things!!

Did anyone else get the “Spring Update from DKU” email? It’s just information about what’s happening on campus (RIP), but I’m hoping for good things tonight/tomorrow with shortlist/interview notifications!!!

No interview invitation this morning… :frowning: