Dupont grant in financial in the chemical firm? or a UVA alumnus?

<p>So this year...instead of the traditional AccessUVA grant I have been used to....33k is apparently coming from a "Dupont grant" (AccessUVA is only paying 5k total this year?) </p>

<p>I hope this Dupont is just a guy called Mr Dupont who donated to the school .... I'm really queasy about big chemical firms such as DuPont Chemical. I am morally and ethically opposed to fact the entire ambition of my chemistry education is to join an ethical firm that would undermine conventional chemical industry... </p>

<p>I am aware that Dupont gives grants to universities and such. Do they contribute to UVA's financial aid? I thought they only gave awards at the individual researcher level.</p>

<p>If it makes you feel any better, the Dupont Company also makes components of new homes, including insulated panels.</p>

<p>The only people who can answer your question are in Student Financial Services. They are no on College Confidential.</p>

<p>A post elsewhere noted that two persons named Dupont have provided substantial scholarship money to UVa over the years. One fund was invested many years ago and continues to produce substantial income. This particular funding is not directly from the corporation (which does produce many valuable products.)</p>

<p>evitaperon--If your grant does indeed come from DuPont Chemical, I encourage you to return your grant in full and pay for your tuition yourself. It amazes me that instead of thanking your lucky stars that UVA is basically giving you a free ride, you're questioning where your grant comes from. Dude, be happy you're even getting one in the first place, so many people would love to be in your place because they're not "poor" enough to be eligible. And I think it's a little na</p>

<p>Send DuPont my way. I'll gladly take their scholarship. I've always wanted to do a collection using their materials.</p>

<p>There are ethical firms within the chemical industry; many of the newer biotech companies are run by very green-motivated people. My organic synthesis professor was a greenie; so is my biochem/microfluidics professor who makes an insane amount of money selling his "analysers on a microchip" (forensic genetics on a chip, cell sorting on a chip, PCR on a chip...).</p>

<p>I'm merely queasy if it comes from DuPont.</p>

<p>If the money is coming from the Dupont Corporation I guess you can look at the situation as an opportunity to learn about yourself. Do you feel strongly enough about your position to refuse the money? If not, what does that say about your morals? Have you contructed a facade to present your conceived image of yourself to the world? Whatever you decide you will have learned something about your true self. (neither good nor bad BTW)</p>

<p>Evita, Really it is not good enough that you are basically getting a free education now you are complaining about where it comes from. We live in America the free. You are free to pay for your own education. I think you should.....</p>

<p>The OP also started a thread on this issue on the Parents' Forum that is getting lots of posts. He/she claims UVa has "no right" to fund his/her grant with a du Pont grant.</p>

<p>well okay that was an impulsive response. but I mean, I would have appreciated if they had told me or something how they suddenly switched the source of my funds. </p>

<p>I mean, is a low-income student at the LSE supposed to "shut up and be grateful" if Gaddafi funds suddenly replaced her need-based financial aid?</p>

<p>I would think the du Pont grant is what they are giving you for your "need- based financial aid" this year. Did you ever contact Student Financial Services to clarify all this as Dean J and numerous people on the other thread you started have advised you? Hope you enjoy the rest of your time at UVa.You will be graduating soon and will have gotten a wonderful education, thanks to the generous aid you have received.</p>

<p>You are comparing money that might come from a charitable fund set up by someone in the DuPont family with money coming from a dictator. Highly irrational.</p>

<p>You clearly don't want to know the true source of your financial aid. If you were really interested the correct information, you would have called SFS or gone to Carruthers two days ago.</p>

<p>Thank you,Dean J. evita has been asked point blank more than once if she has inquired about all this, but never answers the question.</p>

<p>Actually I've been to six appointments in the last 3 days, so I haven't had time to call SFS yet. (yay for long pharmacy lines in the UVA hospital with zero reception!)</p>

<p>So,you have had the time to make numerous posts complaining about UVa's Student Financial Services, du Pont, and now the pharmacy at UVa hospital, but have not had the time to pick up the phone and just call SFS if you're so concerned. Very interesting. Good luck to you in finishing up your degree .</p>

<p>No because SFS closes at 4 pm. It's sooo annoying. I have lab 3 days a week from 2-6, and there's hardly any time to call in the morning. And Friday is usually a scramble of special meetings and end-of-week appointments.</p>

<p>(One girl went to the pharmacy at 11:30 am and still hadn't received all her meds by the time her class started at 2 pm. Seeeriously...)</p>

<p>Adults can make calls during work. Students can't make calls during lab or class or the basements of old concrete buildings.</p>

<p>Dean J: Well Gaddafi made generous donations to the London School of Economics...he was sort of a corporate sponsor; an oil baron like Rockefeller, etc. </p>

<p>In any case Du Pont is certainly less problematic than Dow. It was an inquiry, that's all. (We happen to be studying Du Pont / Dow / Union Carbide / etc. in CHEM 2350 -- a sort of "history of 20th century chemistry" class...)</p>

<p>evitaperon, Since calling seems to be such a problem for you, there has always been email. The email for SFS is <a href=""></a> You can email them at any time you like at your convenience. Good luck!</p>

<p>We look forward to hearing what they shared with you. It is quite possible that your financial aid has been "tainted" with "dirty money" for years. They just didn't tell you the source of the funds.</p>