EA 2024

Does anyone know when the Providence College early action decisions are supposed to come out? Thanks!

last year it was monday december 17 so im thinking it’ll be the 16 (also a monday) but not sure

Yes, it was at 7:30 pm on Dec. 17th last year so it will likely be early next week, hopefully on Monday!

I hope so! Do you think the admissions office will announce it on the day or earlier?

PC Admissions commented on their FB ED post that they hope to be completed by 12/20.

How do they notify? Portal or snail mail?

sunflowerct I am pretty sure they notify using the online portal. I received an email after submitting my application that told me to sign up for the applicant status portal. so it will probably be through that

Good to know. D and I made a spreadsheet with all her schools and notification dates, and we had Jan 1 down. Just checked their website and it said hear by Jan 1. Earlier would of course be nice!!

Hello! As long as all continues according to plan, we will be releasing decisions the evening of December 17. All decisions are released through the Admission Status Portal and there’s no need to refresh as we’ll send an e-mail once they’re posted.

Thanks for the info @PCAdmission !!! I’ll update the spreadsheet ?

States by 1/1/20

Facebook posting says 12/17 Tuesday night EA will be notified via portal

Does anyone know what time decisions are posted?

Last year it was 7 pm

Decisions are out–at least for film BFA! My son’s in with a Presidential Scholarship!! So grateful. Good luck, everyone!

So sorry, everyone. I posted on the wrong thread. He didn’t apply to Providence college. Again, my huge apologies.

Congrats to your son! Sounds like a great outcome whereever the decision came from!

Decisions come out today for Providence! I think around 6:30 based on the facebook post the other day. So excited!

Getting close…

Accepted, 32 ACT, 97 GPA Good luck!

I just got in! Liberal arts honors program.