EA Decisions - Class of 2024

This thread is being created to advise applicants on decision statuses for EA applicants.

My daughter applied EA and completed the application on 10/31.

Her Stats:

99.58 gpa
1430 SAT
top 1% in class rank.

Good luck to all applicants.


I’m sure your daughter will get some nice scholarship money!

My daughter applied 2 years ago and had heard by the end of November. I don’t know if they will still start to send out decisions before the date on their website. (But I"m also thinking that their notification date is later than it was a couple years ago? Their date was some time in December a couple years ago)

Has anyone heard anything yet or know when decisions will be out? I submitted my application over a month ago and still nothing.

The website says ED decisions will be out by December 15th at the latest. I know that this is not the same as EA, maybe they have to do ED decisions first?

I applied early action to Ithaca College on October 31 and still haven’t heard anything and I haven’t been able to find much information about when my decision will come out, does anyone have an idea of when I might receive my decision? Also, I want to apply to the Honors Program but I read online somewhere that you have to be accepted to Ithaca first in order to apply to the Honors Program, is that true?

My son just received an email that his portal was updated. He was accepted, however, the portal indicates that scholarships and financial aid will be released in the new year.

3.91 unweighted GPA- high school does not weight grades/ Ranked 3rd in class (AP’s, Honors and dual enrollment)
1410 SAT
Lot’s of EC’s and captain of three varsity sports

Accepted today!!
ACT - 31
Mostly honors and APs
94/100 GPA
Top 25% of class
Multiple clubs and varsity sports

Congrats to those accepted! Can you share when you applied?

submitted 10/31

Daughter Accepted today. Applied EA in October 2019.

1430 SAT , 99.58 GPA, 4 APs.


Son accepted today to Park School! Applied EA November 2019.
Would love to communicate with any other families going into TVR!
Happy Holidays everyone!

Accepted into the Park School on 12/19/19 as a Writing for Film & TV major! Applied in September for EA. Brother previously attended the Business school and his friends loved the Park School.

Applied EA on 9/28/19 and was accepted to the Park School on 12/19/19

@gm2024, our son is in that program and is enjoying it. He’ll be a junior next year.

@mstomper Awesome! How helpful does he think the department is with internships/job opportunities in the industry?

@gm2024, he hasn’t looked for any yet. From what we’ve heard the alumni network is great.

Son was accepted ED to Park School as Sports Media
4.1 GPA
Mostly Honors/AP’s
1340 SAT
Captain of 2 Varsity Sports, NHS, leadership roles in HS

@ctnymom Congrats!

Is anyone else who applied EA still waiting for a notification? Thank you

Still waiting here as well. We applied EA early November, around same time as Marist. No word yet. Seems like the Park School sent some out. But, my daughter is applying as a Bio major… so it seems its a wait. Notification date officially for EA is Feb 1st. I’m dying over here, prolly more than my daughter.