EA/ED Allegheny class of 2025

Starting the thread to see if there’s anyone else here serious about Allegheny. It’s near the top choice for my son and he just received his EA acceptance today with enough merit to make it the best financial option he’s got so far too. We like that they don’t strictly tie the merit renewal to GPA just to “good standing.”
There’s a great chance he’ll be matriculating for the fall. We’d love to hear more about current experiences and interest.

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My son also got in yesterday. The merit award is great! It’s definitely a strong possibility. He also applied to Rhodes College where we’re still waiting (his older brother is an alumnus). Accepted so far at Stony Brook, and University of VT. No rejections.


I recently got accepted into Allegheny, is one of my top choices at the moment. I would love to connect with your son if he decides to attend allegheny this fall.

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