EA / ED Class of 2025

Has anyone heard back for ED or EA for class of 2025?

Hello, I applied EA and I haven’t heard back yet. It kind of makes sense though since the official notification from Trinity doesn’t come out until the 15th. TexasAtHome, have you heard back yet?

No. My daughter applied EA, also. We have not heard anything.

Last year people heard back around Dec 12, I think. Fingers crossed. Good luck to you!

My daughter also applied EA for Fall 21 admissions… no response yet. She is a little unique in that she is graduating HS in 3 years. She loves the school, the admissions counselor she’s been working with and the students she’s engaged.

Fingers crossed… looks like it’ll be a long weekend. Good luck everyone!

Just popping in to say that our son applied ED and was notified of his acceptance on November 20th. The notification came via the portal and then he received something in the mail a few days later.

He is excited to be in the TU Class of 2025!

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Thanks @TexasAtHome and good luck to all of those with kids applying!

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Thank you! Good luck to your daughter as well!

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Wow how exciting! I’m really curious, what did the mail acceptance package contain?

Hello, my son also applied EA, his portal has a banner that says notification will be given by the 15th of December.


Last year, decisions came out Thursday, December 12th.

Was hoping they’d be a little early this year, too.

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Yes it would be great to find out today! I am enjoying the excitement of the notification process way more this w than my son.


I am guessing no one has heard anything?

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Nope… still waiting :slight_smile:

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Still waiting. Hoping this afternoon.

@tameimpala22 Sorry for the slow reply - I don’t log on here very frequently. The package included a note from his AC, some stickers, a booklet about the enrollment process, and a $500 voucher to cover travel to an accepted student day in the Spring. Have not checked the website to see the “fine print” on the voucher.

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Do they sometimes release EA decisions earlier than the date posted on the portal? That would be nice! :blush:

They released earlier last year…but this is 2020. So…

Thanks for the information. Good luck to everyone.

Best of luck to everyone! Hopefully we see something tonight.