EA University of Denver Class of 2023

Starting the thread for those who applied EA to DU!

The decisions are coming out around Dec 15, right?

Week of 12/11, I just found my answer.

In the meantime…what did you like about UDenver?

My daughter is applying. Seems like they have a good business program and she likes the location. We have not visited, a lot will depend if they offer her merit or not. What about you? Others?

Daughter has applied EA, expecting notification the week of Dec. 10th.

Son applied EA, and we are visiting next week!

We haven’t visited yet. I would love to hear your thoughts after you visit!

My niece applied EA. I hope she gets in!

Son applied EA for Engineering. We visited back in summer 2017 and he fell in love with the campus and the whole area. Outstanding questions for him now are learning more about their engineering program (when we toured, he was thinking CS - Game Design) and, more importantly, whether he’s ready to move 2,000 miles away for school (we live in OH).

Enjoyed the visit! Campus is beautiful. Students seem down-to-earth. Dorms so-so but building new FR dorm and large dining hall for 2020 opening. They encourage major+1-2minors. Study abroad is big - 70% students and rated #4 in SA programs. Undergrad is 50% of student population; Grad 50%, but 99 % classes taught by professors and are small classes (biggest intro classes are 60, maybe one at 80). Surrounding area is nice. 2 yr dorm requirement, then Jr and senior off campus (most juniors are abroad Fall of Jr year).

Thank you for your comments! I am hoping my DD is able to get some merit aid.

Denver is a great school in a very nice area. My kids spent a lot of time there in their elementary school days since our school was about 1/2 mile away. Lots of youth sports, birthday parties, summer camps, events, and lax games. Each of the schools like engineering and business seems to be the right size and well funded. The music facilities are gorgeous. The school is on the city light rail system so it is easy to get to downtown or the tech center for jobs or internships, or even to the airport.

Sports are very competitive with recent national championships in hockey, lacrosse, and skiing. Other sports have great support from both the other students and community, like swimming, gymnastics and basketball. There are a lot of other on campus events like art shows, theater and music performances, engineering displays.

I applied!! I’m so excited!! Praying everyday I get in!!

I have one son there( DU class of 2020). My other son (hs 2019) has applied ea. We are very impressed with DU !! First son applied without visiting because it was so far away but fit him perfectly on paper. Accepted students day sealed the deal. He loves it there!! His younger brother has now applied… different student, but similar in many other ways. If any parents have questions about DU please let me know. We are so impressed with this college. 1st so is currently studying abroad. Great experience.

What has your Son enjoyed/ways he feels like the school is preparing him for a career/making his life better in particular?

@JBSeattle Academically, my son has found the professors to be passionate and engaging. He has made personal connections with many of them and has reached out to them beyond the classroom for advice on careers, etc. He is a Communication Studies major, with a Marketing minor. He finds the 10-week quarter system a good fit for him. It moves fast, but he likes that. He is currently studying abroad in London with an internship component to it. He loves hiking and snowboarding and finds the time almost every weekend (when in Denver) to get outside. All around a great fit for him.

Thanks for sharing @Massmomtothree!

Son applied EA for engineering. We visited the campus last year and loved it! Hoping to hear back favorably - in the next couple of weeks??

@Massmomtothree Do you remember when Accepted Students Day was? Glad to hear your boys love DU. We took both of our sons last week and they loved it for different reasons also.

Any thoughts on Engineering and Computer Science? Do good companies recruit there?