Early Action 2024

Has anyone applied to Furman University early action? I applied and it says the notification is by Feb. 15th but in the past it has been in December. Does anyone know when they are likely to come out??

My daughter also applied early action but I have no idea when the notifications will come out. I do know that FAFSA and CSS is due today though.

@rballou20 EA decision notifications have been released December 20th the past few years I believe. This year Furman pushed the EA decision notification date to February 15th, although I’m not sure why. I’m sure the admissions office would be happy to answer questions you have about this change. Depending on the number of applicants they receive, I think the decisions are more likely to come out later rather than sooner.

Agree - will call them this week to ask ?why? February.

Furman added ED 2 this year. Apps are Due 1/6 and kids are supposed to hear back 1/15. I doubt any EA would hear before the ED 2 decisions are out.

It’s strange because typically early action comes out around the same time as early decision, even if there is ED2. I guess more waiting :frowning:

Have you heard back yet?

my daughter got an email today that decisions will be made by February 15th for EA

Interesting - no emails here in MA! Thanks for the info.

We didn’t receive an email either (in IL). Hopefully, the decisions will come out early. February 15th is a long ways away.

I was told the admissions office is beginning to roll out EA decisions as of now. Has anyone received a decision?

Nothing yet for my son.

Nothing for me.

Nothing for my son, although would he need to check the portal to find out or do they email?

@1stTimeThruMom My daughter’s the same way. Never looks at a portal unless she gets an email. And I try not to ask because I stress her out! So I keep checking CC to see if there are any updates ?

When my daughter’s ED decision was released in November, she got an email the day before letting her know when decisions would go live in the portal the next day.

Nothing yet and we were complete on 9/28

For what it is worth, it seems they hold pretty closely to the dates listed on the admissions page for decisions. They released the ED #1 deadline a few days early due to Thanksgiving holidays and the college being closed. We got an email telling her exactly what time the decisions would go live in the portal the next evening, and they honestly did go live at that time. It’s usually around 5pm when they release. She then got an official acceptance letter and pendant in the mail a few days later. The waiting is the worst for sure! We are now playing the waiting game to see if my kiddo gets invited to interview for the larger scholarships and to hear back from her music scholarship auditions, too. I hope everyone waiting gets great news!

Admission decision for EA today at 5 pm on portal, as per email a few minutes ago.

Same here. EA decision released today at 5pm on portal. Only a few more hours to wait!