Early Action Class of 2022

My daughter applied Early Action and was invited to audition for a music scholarship on 1/24/18. I’m hoping this is a good sign! Does anyone know how competitive the music scholarship invitation is? We had to submit video recordings and extra music teacher recommendations. It could be they invite everyone to audition, in which case it doesn’t mean anything. Still, it’s hard to imagine they want to sit through a bunch of auditions from kids who won’t be admitted, especially so close to the deadline. Last year they released decisions on 2/2, and the year before on 2/5.

DD admitted today Psych CHC, in-state; $2000 grant; high grades/scores. Feels very lucky. I wanted to pay forward the favor from those who posted their response dates and info in past years, because it’s helped me anticipate the highs and lows for DD (and us). But this is especially important info for fam’s worried about finances and trying to make decisions about EDII next year: For better or for worse, I write to say that one can get into CHC this late in the “early-action” game, at least if one has good numbers. I wish they could turn around decisions before the EDII deadlines, to help such fam’s, but I guess they’re swamped. Maybe it’s worth a call if you’re in that place? For all of those out there still awaiting answers: you’re in good company, from what I understand; they don’t go by counties (I learned), it’s more random than that, and they anticipate going past the 15th; they wouldn’t entirely rule out the 25th or beyond though they’re still saying “mid-Jan.” And for anyone receiving bad news, please know its not about you, even though you’re having to bear the burden: its a horrible, horrible system, biased toward those with resources, in lots of ways, even at a state school trying to help. Please hang in there because you are valuable, you have a right to be here, and the world desperately needs you to help change it. Don’t give up. Keep trying, and get as much help as you can. You can get there; there are lots of good options, and community colleges if you don’t make it at first. I know that doesn’t make it any easier…

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Anyone know what time early action, not Early decision, comes out today. The website says January 15th. I havent heard anything at all.

I thought the notification date was 2/2.

So will we receive a decision next week?

Website says MID February.

I think that may have changed, then. D and I both had it on our calendars as 2/2. I can’t swear by it, but think that’s what the website said, at one point.

Has anyone emailed their admissions counselor and asked if it is 2/2?

If you look at last years discussion, the decision date listed on the website seemed to change from feb 1 to mid feb, at some point but the decisions came out on feb. 2. Maybe the same will happen this year?

Last year they released decisions on 2/2, and the year before on 2/5. I don’t know how much notice applicants got as to the release date.

2/2/2017 was a Thursday, so maybe 2/1?

Just to follow up on the original post, there were only about 15 kids at the audition day, so clearly it’s not everyone. My daughter was one of 3 vocalists, the rest were all instrumentalists of various types. It was a lovely day – started with a talk by the department head and two other faculty, followed by attending a music theory class with a third faculty member, followed by her audition, followed by lunch with current students. Parents had lunch with all six faculty members plus the department admin. There was an opportunity to attend another class in the afternoon, plus a concert or rehearsal in the evening, but we had to leave after lunch (mid-term week). I was impressed with the fact that the college and the music faculty would devote so much time to prospective students. Everything about the day was great, except my daughter was not impressed with the acoustics in the recital hall. Apparently they don’t have a big performance hall, so they do big performances in a church a block from campus. The faculty said the acoustics in the church are excellent, but we didn’t get to see it, and my daughter felt somewhat disappointed at the facilities. She may be spoiled, though, as she studies at Eastman Conservatory now and shouldn’t expect the same facilities from a non-conservatory level college.

Anyone know when the decisions out?

@uzigun. You ask the $20,000 question. Only Dickinson Admissions knows for sure. Anything else is pure speculation!

My college counselor informed me that decisions should come out tonight (2/1).

@fresh2022 where did he/she get that information?

Well I emailed them and they said even they don’t know when its coming out but its some time in Feb. Good luck to you all!

They emailed the regional representative that told them that it was today! I’m not sure what to believe though, we’ll see!

Does anyone know how we’ll find out- will they send an email to a portal that gives the decision? I’m new to this…