Early Action Class of 2023

Has anyone else applied early action?

Yes my D did but we haven’t heard yet

applied EA for biology! still need to fill out the honors college application though.

D19 applied EA here too, hoping decisions come out before the end of December! I don’t know if we can wait until the middle of January X_X

has anyone heard anything about the decisions coming out before mid january?? ik in past years they have come out early…

last year they came out either the 19th or 20th

anyone thinking maybe today???

The last two or three years it’s been the Wednesday before Christmas, at 6:00pm. So if they are consistent, that’s tomorrow at 6.

if it came out on the 19th last year, that was a tuesday

Came out on the 20th last year, that was a Wednesday.

Applicant Status page looks different today. Still no answer.

what is different about it?

S19’s looks the same. Or, I can’t tell if anything’s different. :smiley:

There’s a large green banner across the top that says “Loyola University Maryland” that wasn’t there before. And on the right side, there’s counselor information and also engineering information. To my recollection, none of this stuff was there before. No big deal…just looks different.

Anyway, I think answers are coming tonight.

Oh! I haven’t looked at the portal for so long I can’t remember if that stuff was there before or not. :slight_smile:

If that stuff is new, could be a sign! From last year’s thread, it seems that the email went out around 2:30pm or so with decisions at 6pm.

Yes the application page definitely looks different. Green banner with counselor name and tab to find out more information on major. no decision

so are you guys thinking tonight?

Yes, I am thinking tonight at 6pm. Just a guess based on the past few years.

Has anybody got any email?

No email yet. But my D’s portal page also has the green banner on top and states her major and her Loyola Maryland counselor’s name at the bottom of the page.