ED/EA Class of 2024

Didn’t look like there was an active CC thread for ED and EA C/O 2024 so here it is. When do decisions come out? Mid December? Who else is nervous!!?

MT D is super nervous. really wants to go to CC. Loves the Block and Colorado. Decent stats but very strong overall profile- of course as a Mom I can say that.

@cllgbound Good luck! I think decisions are coming out for EA December 19 4 pm MST.

Decisions are out Dec 12 at 4 pm MST

are all decisions for ED found the same way, on the invitation for decisions sent by CC for the 12th. so nervous.

Does anyone know, will EA decisions come out today as well?

@wendybk EA is next Tuesday Dec 17 at 4 mst i believe

My son got in ED tonight. He’s so excited! We are from Chicago. Anyone else?

Yes I got in ED tonight too! Super excited.

Son got in ED yesterday. We’re from Alaska. Very excited!

Got in ED yesterday. From Charlotte, NC

When I applied in November the common app didn’t require me to pay a fee… However, I know someone who applied last year and goes there now and had to pay a fee. Was this newly added this year as well as the test optional policy to try to reach a wider demographic?

Until now, I haven’t received my ED decision. Does that happen each year?

The rep at my school told me that they used to application fee to pay people to open applications when they were sent by mail, but they realized that it’s unnecessary now because it’s all digital.

it should be on your portal under status update

So scared for this afternoon for EA!

On my portal my submitted documents disappeared (ie supplements, transcript, etc)… anyone else?

nope…might be a glitch or something.

Nervous lol

I got deferred, does CC defer most people? and should I give up on it or is there still a chance>