Edit Pane Pain

@CCAdminMike can you get rid of the warning in the edit pane preview (right side) stating that someone has already posted a link? It happens for every college that is hyperlinked and once the warning pops up, you can’t see the rest of your post in the preview pane. If I eliminate the college hyperlink, the warning doesn’t go away. I have to cancel my post, retype it and try to avoid college names or words like *research which are hyperlinked. What is the point of the preview pane if 99% of the time you can’t see a preview?

Also, I mentioned it before but I hate the background ads. I often highlight text to edit a post I’m composing and, if I highlight to the left, it opens the ad. If the ad company is looking for clicks, they get a ton from me. If they are looking for time spent on the ad’s site, they are getting <1 sec and a super annoyed member.