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There was a previous thread asking if some of the hyperlinks to college names could be fixed. I can’t seem to find it.

We were talking about Cal Poly Pomona linking to Pomona College. I believe that one got fixed.

In the following thread, a program at the University of Wyoming is called Brown and Gold. CC hyperlinks the Brown to Brown University. Is there a way to fix it so anytime someone types brown with a capital B, it doesn’t link to the university?

Paging @CC_Sorin

yeah, I can see how this can be annoying. The current way this is set up is to link all mentions of Brown to the Brown University forum page. I’ll talk to the team to see if we can adjust the settings to have it be Brown University instead of simply Brown.

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That may not be the best option either. People often just say “Brown” or “Princeton” and those key words should link to the college pages. Could you instead just provide an easy way to remove the hyperlink? Then posters can remove the link when they’re not referring to those schools.


Agree, that may be the better solution. I’ll ask our technical team if that can be done.


Can you add a link to James Madison University? Currently the “Madison” in the name is a link that goes to the University of Wisconsin - Madison.


I appreciate that many colleges names have hyperlinks that can be removed.

I posted about a person named Xavier and it hyperlinked to the university. I tried to remove the hyperlink, but wasn’t given the option.

I made the trigger “Brown University” rather than just Brown. It’s not ideal, as @DadOfJerseyGirl points out, but it’s the best I can do for now.

I just removed that rule for now. It seems to me there are too many other possible meanings of that word.

This is the crux of the problem as I see it. If we could disable the link, that would give authors an escape hatch when the wrong school is linked. (Or when the link doesn’t make sense at all.)

I don’t have a good answer here, unfortunately.

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Noting that CSUF links to CSU Fullerton. Does CC have a hyperlink for CSU Fresno?

I removed the CSUF hyperlink, since it’s ambiguous and added CSU Fresno. Not ideal, but at least it’s consistent.

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Thanks Jon!