Eli Broad Business School

Did anybody get into business school yet? applied Oct 15, they received my transcript Oct 27, and I just received my admission.

Congrats to you! My OOS daughter applied in early October and is awaiting a decision. She didn’t apply to business, but has intentions of potentially transferring in (her stats wouldn’t warrant a direct admit, if such a thing exists for incoming freshman). May I ask your stats?

I think that there is such a thing as direct admit to Broad (I applied as a business major), the admissions website says the acceptance rate is 43%-62%.
800 Math 2 SAT subject test

4 Years Football
1 Year T&F
4 Years of Jewish Student Union
2 Years DECA
and some other things

Great stats and congrats! I should clarify and state that I believe that there is a direct-admit process to business but requires high stats, such as yours. My daughter won’t be in that boat, alas. I hope you get in to Broad, if you’ve not yet heard.

I am certain I got into Broad, as my acceptance letter states I am a “business-preference” major, good luck to you!

MSU doesn’t have direct admit to Eli Broad. They may have you on a business track but they require all students to apply after taking a certain number of prerequisites. There is also a “case study” that applicants have to submit. I’m not sure how COVID will effect this years applicants. My son was admitted after his Freshman year and is now a Sophomore.