Emory Class of 2025 waitlist

Emory published their admissions stats. They said applications were up 18% from last year
“In total, Emory admitted 6,892 students to the Class of 2025. Some 4,343 were offered admission to Emory College of Arts and Sciences, and 4,278 were offered admission to Oxford College”

Compare this to the class of 2024 when Emory College had 28,211 applicants, 5191 accepted and 1408 enrolled. So they actually accepted fewer students this year from a larger pool.

Do you think this means that there will be greater waitlist movement? I can’t imagine they had that many students defer from last year. Thoughts? My son was waitlisted so wondering what this might mean. U of Richmond is his top choice right now but if Emory came through it might be appealing.

I was waitlisted too… I wonder if there is any chance we could hear back before May 1? Others on CC were mentioning that but the letter online seems like the don’t start admitting the WL until May 1

I was wondering the same thing… how do waitlists work at emory?

On the Waitlist FAQ page it says that they select from all waitlisted applicants based on what they need to round out their class.

My daughter has not accepted Emory’s waitlist spot yet. Is it too late?

I would say “no” as long as the option to accept a spot is still available to her because the waitlist is not based on priority. It’s based on what is needed by the school to round out the 2025 class.

According to the deadline (4/15) yes. However, you can try to contact admissions if she still wants a spot and see what they say.

I was wrong. She had accepted the waitlist offer way back.

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Did anyone get a call from Emory today? I missed a call from Atlanta, Georgia (the area code was 470) at 2PM, but when I called back no one answered. This might not even be Emory, but seemed like a coincidence since they sent out the email updating us on the waitlist just this morning.

I didn’t, but the email also says notifications typically start in mid to late May. Maybe it’s from Emory but I would have thought that they’d have emailed you with an updated status if it was a a Waitlist notification.

Did everyone receive the nice note from Emory yesterday with an update on the waitlist process and the 3 or 4 different additional items you can provide (updated grades, updated counselor note, additional rec’s, etc)?

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Daughters got it. They didn’t show me though… did it ask for extra submissions?

It says they are completely optional

optional, yes, but to suggest that they’d be open to getting an updated counselor reference makes me think that they are trying to see who is willing to do even MORE work to see who gets off the list (if any…they accepted so many folks this year, and traditionally take so few off of the waitlist).

Yeah maybe, I also wonder how much it had to do with the yield rate of the specific program each applicant applied to. I would think there’s a limited number of spots per program but that’s just me thinking out loud I don’t actually know anything so I could be wrong

Is it possible to get off the Oxford at Emory college before May 1? I heard some people were accepted last saturday. Is this true? It doesn’t make sense considering they wouldn’t know their yield.

Could be the transfers.

Hey guys! Any new updates?

I haven’t heard of anyone getting in from Emory’s waitlist yet, so maybe they haven’t sent anything yet? Does anyone know when they might start? Unless they’ve already started and I just didn’t know lol. Regardless, good luck to you all, and I hope that some of us get in!

They said mid to late May so I’m thinking maybe next week? Haven’t heard anything either!