End of DD's time at A&M is fast approaching

My daughter is wrapping up her final semester at A&M, a semester early. It has been quite a journey for her. She was originally given PSA and spent her freshmen year in Corpus Christi. She did well there and transitioned seamlessly to College Station. (If you really want to be an Aggie, there is a way).

Her time in CS has been bumpy for sure, but it has been mostly housing issues and not the university. Her 1st apartment, she had to sue because things we not getting fixed in a timely manner, and won her suit and the court terminated the lease early with no penalties. Her next apartment, things were going well until Snowpocalypse. Her building ended up being deemed uninhabitable after a couple of weeks of her couch surfing with friends. She scrambled to find an apartment, and now things seem to have settled.

It really has been a great learning and growth time for her. She started school thinking that she wanted to go on to Medical school, but that has since changed. Her advisor saw that her major in Entomology also has the ability to earn a certificate in Public Health Entomology to add to the resume, and she took one of the required Public Health classes and found her passion (this was before Covid).

She has already received her certificate in Public Health Entomology from Texas A&M and will be graduating Magna Cum Laude with a BS in Entolmology and a minor in Public Health in December. She is applying to grad school, and her professors have been amazing with the references and looking at her CV and statement of purpose. I don’t think she will have any problems getting into the programs (including A&M).

Parents it goes by so fast, and we want to be involved, but we have to let them grow and experience on their own. Enjoy the time as it will be done before you know it.


You and I went through this together! My son won’t graduate til May though. Congrats and holy cow does it ever go by fast.

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This was great to hear! My son has been accepted to A&M for entomology, and I don’t know much about that field in general or A&M’s department specifically. I’m glad she has had a good experience there.