Exeter 2023 Students Thread

@HappyCria Whoop!

@momof3nyc That’s a very helpful tip.

@raddad2018 , we’ve already chosen Exeter, LOL. That contract is signed. We will try to go on a revisit because DC’s dad has not seen the campus. (He did all the NY independent school visits with DC2, and I did all the BS visits with DC1. ) But believe me…we pretty much knew early on that if DC1 got into Exeter, we were going to #SayYesToExeter!

Well, she loves it and wants to cancel all other revisits and enroll. So I guess we’re part of the Exeter family now.

Congratulations to all the families that have decided on making PEA your child’s home for the next 4 years! And for those of you still deciding, good luck in the decision process (we are going through it now for college) and understand how challenging it can be sometimes. If anyone has any specific questions they would like answered about PEA, feel free to PM me. Having 4 kids attend over the last 10 years, means we have seen and done it all.

Just found this wonderful community! Got a question on the classical diploma. Is it VERY difficult? Could anybody give us a sense what’s involved in the course work? Thank you all!

@vegas1 Thank you.

@sxw233 it is pretty common, so I don’t know that it is too difficult. Here is the coursebook that describes it further:
If the link doesn’t come through, just google PEA courses of instruction, it outlines all classes needed.

Thank you @vegas1! We have read the COI. But the rumor has it that it requires intense amount reading and writing and would deprive you from having much time on other activities…

@sxw233 I think the relative difficulty of the classical languages at Exeter depends a lot on what kind of language background the student has, and how invested they are in the class. One of my son’s friends has decided to switch to a modern language next year, but he had no prior experience with Latin and didn’t have a particularly deep passion for the field. As with everything else at Exeter (and in life), it’s a matter of priorities and time management. One favored saying is that of the three S categories - sleep, socialization and studying - you can only do two, but the reality is that being realistic about commitments, careful about managing your time and willing to compromise means your student will probably be able to do most of what they would like to do.

Just as a side note, Latin has a reputation on campus for being cult-ty :wink:

Does PEA send you an email/ confirmation after accepting the admission offer?

@rjh2677 I don’t think so…

@ImWaisian Thank you.

Apparently ISO includes go-karting, pizza, and a beach picnic. I am now convinced that Hogwarts is Exeter in disguise.

How do you guys feel about the book that was sent to us?

I have not yet opened it - but I do love memoirs, and it seems like an interesting one. Hopefully I’ll start reading it earlier than on the way to Exeter. ?

@HappyCria I feel that it truly embraces the diverse ideals of Exeter. The assignment that follows, in my opinion, helps you think of the differences between you and other people, but at the same time, the similarities between you and said person no matter how different you may seem. I truly feel that this assignment is a perfect way of introducing people from all around to Exeter’s views on diversity.

@ImWaisian Indeed. I feel like the methaphor with Cuban and American food really reflects that.

Hello, future classmates! Like my name? :wink: I’m a long time lurker (like, since January) and it’s nice to finally introduce myself! I’m going to be an incoming prep next year!