Exeter 2023 Students Thread

@RedLioness Congrats! See you in fall!

Thanks, Waisian, you too!

Anyone in Abbot?

Where did you find out your dorm?

@MaylaSunshine If you go to the parent directory for Exeter, the directory shows their children and their respective dorms

@ImWaisian both our boys lived in Abbot for their entire time at PEA. It is one of the smallest guys dorms and has a reputation for being a really close knit group. Both my sons keep in close contact with their dorm mates even years after graduation. The location is ideal to academic buildings and not too far from the fields etc… They have also had really great dorm faculty historically. I’m sure you will enjoy your time there.

@ImWaisian wait, where’s the parent directory?


does anyone know anything about Bancroft?

Any Dvnbar peeps out there? Kinda off topic, but I found stereoscopic photos of the dorm here: https://academyarchives.omeka.net/items/show/22 . The second picture really makes me wonder why Dunbar burned down in 1907… probably because someone brought a popcorn popper ?

Hmm. I’m a day student. My dorm affiliation isn’t there yet. ?

@MaylaSunshine They sent out an email saying that all dorm assignments, roommates, (dorm affiliations for day students), and advisor groups will be coming by email on Friday the 23

Okay I’ll be patient. ???

@ImWaisian Where in the parent directory can you find the dorm assignment? I tried looking but couldn’t find it.

Any Lamont people out there?

@randompanda5 You don’t need that anymore because if you go the the parent portal and click on “life on campus”, you can find out your dorm, roommate, and advisor.

@ImWaisian thanks so much

My daughter got Dunbar! I don’t know anything about it except it’s a large girls dorm. She’s a day student and they had an ice cream social for them last night. I’m excited for all of you lucky kids!

I just got some sweet emails from some Bancroft proctors! I’m really excited now, it feels so real!

keepin mind that there was a glitch that showed some girls having a single, when infact they had a double

oh, crap, really? is it over now, do you know?