Experience of OOS Students at UGA

UGA is a great school and seems to be on the rise with OOS students. Can current students or parents of OOS students tell me me about your experience at UGA as an OOS student?

Does campus clear out on weekends and breaks? We are from the Northeast and would require S to fly back and forth (except maybe at the start and end of the year), so just interested to hear if there are many in the same boat.

Do students explore off campus on weekends or short breaks (Atlanta, Savannah, beaches etc.)?

Is it true the admission criteria for OOS students is actually much tougher than stated on the UGA site, Collegeboard etc? What is a realistic UGA calculated GPA for entrance, and ACT/SAT to be admitted?


My D is currently an OOS student at UGA (and loves it!). Campus is always bustling. Some local folks will go home for a weekend or two during the semester, but there are always many, many students around on the weekends and lots to do. This weekend is Fall Break (3 days) and that is the one weekend in the Fall semester when it does tend to clear out - my D is with friends in Atlanta. Others go to the GA-FL game or beaches.

Can’t help on the admissions stuff. I think I remember reading when my daughter applied that OOS students are judged with criterion that are equal to in-state students (i.e. I don’t think it matters for admission)… not sure though.

The anecdotal info I have heard is that OOS students that apply EA may be deferred to RD. The theory being that admissions does not " know" the High school and the rigor of the GPA. They would like more info about the applicant to base their decision. We know strong OOS candidates that were shocked to be deferred ( and a little insulted) and didn’t complete the RD application. This is all hear say.

Both of my D’s were admitted as out of state students (although we moved to GA for their senior year). Both were admitted EA with ACT’s of 29 and 33 and with 3.8 and 4.0 gpa’s. Only one chose to go there and she loves it. Her negatives are that some of her friends go home on the weekends and A LOT of the kids hang around with others from their high school so it is harder to make friends at first. UGA has a very different vibe from UA where my son goes. UA’s population is majority out of state while it feels like the majority of kids at UGA come from the Atlanta metro area.

My daughter is a sophomore at UGA. She was admitted EA and received a scholarship. Loves UGA! Students head home on some weekends but overall she feels very comfortable.

Thanks everyone. We will be visiting in the spring. :slight_smile: