Fall 2020 transfer waitlist

Hi, everyone! This is the forum for waitlisted students for FALL 2020.
Please post stats and any relevant information below.

Please no profanity and best of luck to you all! <3

Anyone know their history with admitting transfer students from the waiting list?

hey @CM7850 - i was waitlisted last year and they really take little of their waitlist. however, someone else in the forum said that they know someone who got off.

its definitely worth a shot though.

major: business (mcintire)
GPA: 3.75
Units: 90+
ECs: full time job
Location: OOS, community college
SAT?: reported in high school so it still shows, 1300 SAT

Looking through the transfer blog, they say that around 20% of those waitlisted get taken off. Hopefully this works out!

Here are my stats:
Major: Political Science (CAS)
GPA: 3.7
Credits: 31
EC: lots of little things but am a D1 athlete
Location: OOS, 4year college
Didn’t report my SAT or ACT

Is the most important factor in getting off the waitlist to have amazing spring semester grades or is it mostly random?

@CM7850 I think getting off of the waitlist largely depends on what school you are applying for.

@lalalalaland Nah na na boo boo, you’re not invited cuz you get R-E-J-E-C-T-E-D! That’s too bad. I got in but am instead transferring to VT cuz #gokies!!!

Hopefully that frees up a waitlist spot for one of my homies in this thread!!! hoookiiessss

Does anyone plan on sending a letter of continued interest?

im debating… because some schools do not like that stuff… its very TBD

I would definitely recommend sending in a LOCI

This hasn’t been confirmed, but according to three of my friends who go there (they all said this) apparently UVA is still weighing the option of online classes for fall 2020 and a lot of out-of-state students and international students are considering taking gap years or a semester off, which should free up some space if true.

I’m gonna send one, I really have nothing to lose. UVA is my dream school and the worst case scenario is that it won’t have any impact. I highly doubt that they view applicants more negatively because they send in a short LOCI.

I’d send one and maybe add what you can do to contribute to the greater good of the university and what specifically the university has to offer that no other school offers and makes them unique in that regard. Submitting really good final grades is a must, but that letter may be your opportunity to try to stand out. Apparently they said around mid June they will have an announcement on what they plan to do for the fall, but this year is unique in that they may pull more than usual off the waitlist. I’m wishing you guys best of luck, I know some of you have been on the blog since the very beginning and really want it.

@TransferFall2020 Thank you so much! I’m glad that my grades this semester are the best they’ve ever been, so I don’t have to worry in that department. I hope things work out for everyone!

Here is my stats:

From: UW Madison
Year: Freshman
Major: Commerce (CAS)
GPA: 4.0 (Spring + Fall) 33 credits
SAT: 1510
EC: Research associate; interned in real estate company Country Garden; national junior cyclist during high school; house captain; chairman of economic society

In the portal, they said they would further consider our application after receiving our final transcript. Does that mean that our final transcript grades determines whether we will be pull off the waitlist?

Its definitely a key factor! I will say that it is harder to get in as a sophomore than as a third year. What was your HS GPA? They will look at that since you have only 2 semesters of college. Make sure you finish strong because it will be a big decision on whether you get pulled off of it. Great ECs though! They love that kind of stuff. Maybe consider sending a Letter of Continued Interest and provide how much you can contribute to the college. I had a buddy who was waitlisted and got in after sending one! That probably wasn’t the only reason why she had gotten in but at this point try anything that works. I look forward to welcoming you in the Fall! Sending good vibes and prayers your way. ?

Thanks so much. I did already send a continued interest letter and my HS gpa is around 3.7 but i am quite sure I can finish my spring semester 18 credits with 4.0/4.0 gpa. I hope I can get pulled off of the waitlist.

Does anyone know if they mostly take in-state applicants off the waitlist or is there an equal chance for out of state?

Thank you for the forum. It really helps me!