Fall 2020 Transfer

Realized it’s a bit early but I’ve been working really hard at my school to be able to transfer for fall of 2020. Hey guys. Was hoping to get chanced (by %) of the odds of my acceptance to UVA. I plan to major in Aerospace Engineering

Here are my stats:
White dude
College: the University of South Carolina (Out of State)
College GPA: 4.0 (Currently and hoping to maintain but this is using UoSC’s system where anything above a 90 is an A but Im still trying to get all A’s or higher.)
Total Credit Hours: 35
*All class credits should transfer and I’m on track to meet all requirements
High School GPA: 3.1 unweighted (Did take AP’s but my school didn’t offer many)
High School Class Rank: Didn’t Rank
SAT score: 1290

My EC’s in College:
Ultimate Frisbee Club Team
Esports Team

Unsure where to put this if I do mention it but I’m also a twitch streamer with relatively minor success(65 followers and 600 views) so I am a twitch affiliate but I feel this may be too minor to include.

EC’s in high school:
Track Team
Frisbee Team
Tennis team outside of school
Worked a job over the summer
Ran a club focusing on discussions about Current events namely politics.
Part of a Dungeons and Dragon Club
Went on a few service trips to a Native American Reservation and West Virginia
I canvassed for a presidential candidate during the Democratic Primaries

I plan on getting a second recommendation letter from my former employer who knows me very well both professionally and cordially, so I believe it will be a strong essay.

If I can get a 4.0 I will be part of the president’s list at UofSC (14% of Campus) or if I get between 3.5 and 3.99 I will make deans list.

Haven’t written my essay but I would like to write about how I previously stunted myself academically by underperforming but after realizing that fact I’ve started owning up to that fact, addressing it, and now transferring to a school like UVA would be the fruit of my labors, and the reason I chose UVA is because it’s been my dream school because my cousins who are akin to my older brothers went there and I fell in love with it, going to many sports games there.

My top school right now is UVA, but I’m also considering applying to Vanderbilt, UPenn, Princeton(I won’t get in but my cousin goes there for grad school and I love it there.), Carnegie Mellon, and Duke. Unsure if there are any others I want to consider or remove. UVA is my top pick but if I got into any of these schools and UVA I would have to visit them to make sure.

@ste1111 This is the UVA thread, not Vanderbilt.

My stats:
In-State Northern Virginia Asian Guy
College: Virginia Tech
College GPA: should be something like a 3.8-4.0
Total Credit Hours: 15
High School GPA: ~3.4 unweighted, ~4.0 weighted?
SAT score: 1510

College ECs
CS internship
International Relations Org. (student research club)
PPE Club
PPE Book Reading Club
Econ Club

High School ECs
Foreign medical volunteering
CS internship

Worried about my high school GPA. I should get some fairly strong recommendation letters from a professor and my internship employer.

Applying to W&M, UVA, UNC, and Georgetown. Was rejected from UVA last year

@khoinguyen2000 heya :slight_smile: you are fine - you have great stats and im sure you will get in. slight issue may be you have limited college units but other than that, you will be great!

positive energy!

@heyigotnoclue I just realized I wrote that wrong. I’m taking 15 credits right now, and 25 should transfer from AP credits.

Hey guys, Applying to CAS as well

My stats:
HS: GPA 3.8 Unweighted
Sat/Act: 1220 (but I’ve heard they don’t care past the first year)
2x Internetworking State Champion
FBLA Business State Finalist
Went to the Statewide Governor’s School Program (if that matters)

Virginia Tech’s Honors College (In-state)
GPA: 3.6 (I had one C that destroyed my gpa but was first semester and haven’t gotten less than an A- in any other class)
(52 credits total , currently enrolled in 21)
All A’s on midterm report
Involved in business Clubs
lots of relevant work experience.
Waitlisted last time with a 3.3 first semester

I’m a sophomore so I decided to try and apply for spring so I’m honestly just anticipating it to roll over to fall. But hey, I’d get two application chances for the price of one. ?‍♂️

Hey everyone! I’m wondering what anyone thinks of my chances for fall transfer. I am currently in the NVCC system so I am in state and will be finishing an associate degree this Spring. I will be applying as a 3rd year to the School of Engineering as a computer science major.

College Stats:
-3.68 GPA on transcript at the time of applying. Anticipating 3.7 at end of spring.
-I have 1 C on my transcript in calculus 1. Everything else is primarily As and a few Bs.
-60 credits by end of Spring.
-All pre-requisites completed except calc-based physics 2 which Id finish end of this spring before transfer.
-On average I do 12 credits a semester.
-A good letter of recommendation from a STEM related course.
-Well written essays.

High school Stats:
-Terrible 1.8 GPA (I was not mature enough to understand the world at that time).

-Volunteer for an organization associated with my school where I motivate kids for STEM.

UVA overenrolled this year by a small amount - 3925 students enrolled, 175 students over the target of 3750 students. Will this change how many transfers get accepted? And if so, how do you think they’ll address CC transfers and 4 year transfers?

@khoinguyen2000 you are still fine :slight_smile: and i got waitlisted last year so ROFL

@TransferFall2020 YOU ARE FINE - you show great growth and you have a great list of stuff :smile: remember to inhale and exhale

Sooooo…im super interested in the business school so gonna start a thread for it. :smiley:

Nice! It’s good to have a community of people to talk with.

Also just realised that UVA is now offering ED again. Will transfers be squeezed out by a larger number of freshmen? Acceptance rates for transfers don’t change too much from year to year and UVA’s acceptance rate for 1st years has generally gone down, so…

It seems like UVA hasn’t had to do anything drastic with the larger # of students (unlike VT and their hotels) so I’m probably stressing out about this way too much

Hi, are you transferring as a 3rd year or 2nd year?

transferring as a sophomore going in as a junior … if that answers ur question lol


Sorry for the excessive energy I just came back to update my previous post.
I somehow managed to be accepted into spring semester with a 3.6 GPA & 1220 SAT even though I only applied so that it’ll roll over for fall.

I hope this is somewhat motivating for you guys because the spring acceptance rate is like 15%. If I could get in with a 3.6 you guys with much better credentials than me should have nothing to worry about in the fall.

Congratulations that definitely gives me some encouragement. Did you get a recommendation for your application? I asked for one the person said yes and now I’m wondering if they’re still going to do it. My options are limited when it comes to the recommendation.

I actually didn’t even send out a recommendation nor did I send a midterm report. I really didn’t even follow up at all after sending in transcripts.

Question on the requirements - I see we need to meet 2 requirements:

  1. min of 24 college credits - APs don’t count
  2. should have taken the list of course that are listed on their site - eg: Science & Math 12 credits

My question - I would have taken 29 college credits by end of Spring '20 - so I meet #1. But I did not take a single Science/Math course in College since my College’s reqs (very similar to UVA) were met by my AP & DE credits. Do I still qualify? Do they want the 24 credits in #1 to be met by the courses in #2?

@Bizdock In theory it shouldn’t matter how you got the class credit to meet the math/science requirements. All they are concerned with is that the 24 credits you have must be from the actual school itself and not DE/AP transfers.

That being said, I would really look into how they accept DE and AP credits before going any further. I was accepted but I’m in a weird situation where I took higher level English classes that needed the basic prerequisites which I had from AP scores. They took the college 200 level class but not the prerequisite because I only got a 3 on the exam. This happened in a lot of places on my transcript.