Fall 2020 Yale Transfer Thread

Hey - starting one up for this year! I’m a freshman at Bing hoping to transfer!

Hello! I just joined this site today and I’ve been scanning around the forums a bit. I’m currently a junior in high school at the moment, but I thought I’d say something on here sense it seems the least intimidating. I was wondering if any of y’all had experience with or know what I should do about my predicatment. I’ve been thinking that I might want to go the Yale route. (Originally I was set on Columbia.) Anyways, I personally don’t have a bunch of experience with extra circulars. So far I’ve been in marching band/colorguard a year, and Deca a year. Because of how my middle school was set up I wasn’t able to join anything before highschool, since I was able to get my school fees paid off. I took Deca sophmore year and wasn’t able to be placed in it again this year due to scheduling difficulties. So I wasn’t sure on what you’d recommend in regards to this. I’ve been planning on join and being involved more, yet I won’t be able to till my senior year. And I was worried about my application looking like I was trying to get a bunch of things in. There are things I’ve wanted to be involved in, but just haven’t been able to. Another thing I’m stressing about would be how to get into National Honors Society. I was able to apply this year, but didn’t sense I hadn’t had any previous volunteer experience. If anyone knows anything about that it would also be helpful.

Looking forward to the cycle!

@MeganJaden Hi, it’s probably kind of bad to not have a lot of ECs. I highly recommend trying your best to join new ones ASAP or to possibly make your own club at school. Don’t sweat too much about National Honor Society - it literally doesn’t matter. Everyone applying to ivies pretty much is in 35254258 of them or already show that they’re top scholars regardless. Also, when filling out college apps, there’s a section called ‘Additional Information.’ I’d put in an explanation for why your ECs are a bit sparse, but colleges might see it as just an excuse.

How’s everything going guys?


Since Yale is no longer requiring midterm reports because of the coronavirus, does anyone know if you already submitted yours, will they still look at them?

Does anyone know the date decisions will come out? Last year it was 5/10.

My high school transcript still says it is awaiting. I called the office and had it sorted out and it still says it. I’ve been calling undergrad everyday and no answer. I decided to send an email regarding the issue. It has been a week and still no answer. I don’t want that to be the reason I don’t get in.

hi guys, new to this forum - did you guys get an interview request???

Yeah, I got one.

Just got the interview request. I’m assuming since it says it’s optional that it was sent to everyone?

everyone got it

did anyone get the link to sign in yet? i didnt so im asking

lol the interview process on the website though "Transfer applicants may not request an interview. After a preliminary review of complete applications, the Admissions Office will offer a select number of transfer applicants an opportunity to interview.

This is an unusual year for a number of reasons. They have probably adapted the interview process to suit their need this year; what that need is, I don’t know, though.

Another round of good lucks to everyone! Kill those interviews, friends.

I got it too. I’m wondering the same thing. It says all transfer applicants get it but like I’m so thrown off by the email that I’m hoping that just means all transfer applicants who get invited to do the interview will get separate email links. I really hope this is an actual good sign.

Hey yall! So everyone that applied to transfer received an email inviting them to submit an optional video interview?

Extracted from Yale’s website:

Is my application jeopardized because I am not offered an interview?

Absolutely not. Please remember that interviews are not required, and many successful applicants are not interviewed. The admissions committee will base its decision on the rest of your application.

Curious to know what you guys perceive an interview opportunity to be? If one decides not to interview, against what’s said above, what are your own thoughts?

Did anyone not get this email?