Fall 2023 Admissions

Can we start a thread where everyone lets us know when they hear about admissions for Fall 2023.


Any chance they roll out before January?

Does anyone know when EA Dr ions might be going out?

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Everything I can find online says decisions go out Jan 20.

Because misery loves company, I’m glad to see others posting this question. We’re waiting for an early action decision as well, and I saw some posts from this week last year that led me to believe decisions came out right after the New Year in 2022.

My son heard back when he applied for honors 3 years ago 12/19 but my daughter has not received anything yet. She did not apply for the honors.

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Still waiting. I guess they are closely sticking to the 1/20 date. It’s a bit of a bummer because so many other NC EA decisions were sent prior to Christmas.

The waiting is hard. We have heard back from every other College except UNCW. Do you think we will also get finc packages at the same time or will we have to wait for that too?

Is it always on the date they provide or by that date

Updates were posted to my daughter’s portal not to long ago

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Yay! both of my OOS twins were accepted today. Now we wait for the Financials.

GPA 4.064 / 4, Weighted
No APs, very few honors
Lots of EC, Work, Sports
Test Optional
Major: Coastal Eng

GPA 4.08 / 4, Weighted
No APs or Honors
Lots of EC, Work, Sports
Test Optional
Major: Criminal Justice

Daughter accepted today as well.

Weighted GPA: 4.35
Test Scores Optional
Major: Business

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OOS daughter accepted today as well. Any idea how long for financials.

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Daughter was accepted today! :blush:

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OOS daughter accepted today!

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My daughter was accepted today too. She is super pumped and is going to attend!

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Oos daughter accepted too!

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Oos daughter accepted no merit yet. My son 3 years ago received $5000 merit and $2500 for honors in his acceptance letter not sure if that is how they are doing it this year.
Gpa 4.0 in weighted
1AP 3 dual enrollment
No test score submitted
Lots of EC and academic awards
Major Environmental Science BA

Anyone receive merit yet?