Fall of 2020 UMD Transfer Students

Hi guys, I’m starting this thread because no one made this yet. I’m hoping to get into UMD for the fall of 2020. I want to apply for the early action deadline. Let’s get this thread going if you guys are applying too!

Hi, thanks for starting this thread!
I wonder to which address should we send email to if we have questions about anything related to the transfer processes?
I have sent one to um-admit@umd.edu and another to ApplyMaryland@umd.edu, but only got a automatic reply with the latter one which does not contain any useful info.
Is there any other person I can possibly refer to?

I sent my questions to the pretransfer advising email for UMD. I also called the admissions office to ask about some questions.

thanks umdtransfer123! They replied me but they were slow…

by the way, does anyone know if we need to specify anywhere (e.g. in transfer essay) if I have completed the math and English requirement? Because my school used tricky name for the English course and I don’t know if UMD will recognized it as the English requirement…though the content is actually quite similar

@curiositybun you should definitely go to the UMD website where it shows if your credits transfer! It will tell you if your class at your university will transfer as ENGL101 or any math class. I don’t think you have to put it in your essay because your essay should be about things that aren’t already on your application

Hi, could someone chance me please?
3.353 college GPA CS major at UMBC
48 credits (31 from hs. 17 from college)
Since I have over 30 credits, would my hs information still be needed?

@sio781 According to the UMD website, “Students who have completed fewer than 30 semester or 45 quarter hours at the time of application are expected to submit high school records and SAT and/or ACT scores for review.” So it looks like you don’t need to provide high school information.

Instead of looking to other people’s opinions on your chances of getting in, you may get more meaningful information by looking at past threads to see what kinds of scores and grades others had who were admitted as transfer students. I have heard that it is easier to get in as a transfer student than as a first-time freshman applicant if that helps at all.

Good luck to you!

Hi could someone chance me?

I have 15 credits completed and 15 credits in progress from an instate uni, my gpa isn’t the greatest…3.1, but i’m hoping since i have letters of recommendation, a good essay explaining why my gpa is kinda low due to an accident i was in this past semester, volunteer work, multiple jobs, 28 ACT…

@sio781 It turns out that you need to submit your high school transcript if you earned less than 30 credits while in college. Anything you earned in high school does not count towards the 30 credits. So based upon what you have written, you probably do need to submit your high school transcript since you have only earned 17 credits while you were in college. You should call the office of admissions to confirm.

Hi everyone! I have about 56 credit hours completed with 7 in progress, but I have not taken a basic math course in college equivalent to Math 110. I have taken a statistics class but I don’t know if that would count. Does anyone know if I will still have a chance of being accepted and/or who to contact at UMD regarding this issue? Thanks!

Hi can someone chance me ?:slight_smile:

I currently am a sophomore business major at a 4-year university and my GPA is a 3.42. I will have completed 60 credit hours at the end of this semester and I have taken the equivalent of the basic math and english requirements. I feel my GPA is on the lower side so idk if I will get in:( I’m in-state for UMD and am relatively involved on campus at my current school with a few awards and some volunteer experience.

I have no idea how to chance people or even myself. It is so hard to figure out what a college wants. For reference I am an oos student 3.7 gpa 56 credits 7 in progress from 4-year universities. I’ve completed the English req but not the math. Also, is anyone going to be on campus on March 12? That’s when I’m visiting

Anyone think decisions might be delayed because of this coronavirus pandemic?

Also- if anyone did not have the opportunity to visit UMD and wants some info, I took notes on what I thought about the campus and the info they told me

@RBevan I’d be shocked if you didn’t get in because your stats are really good. I hope they don’t postpone decisions but maybe call Undergraduate Admissions about it?

Thanks! I hope I do get in (and you do too)! In another UMD transfer forum I talked to someone else who said they called and confirmed that decisions would still be coming out mid to late April. My best guess is April 17th because last year it was April 20th. Especially being isolated at home the waiting is killing me!

Oops I meant April 19th last year, not April 20th!

Hey guys,

I decided to send in a transfer application to UMD - Smith School of Business for fall 2020 admission. Currently, I am at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, and I felt that the overall university was not fitting my expectations. I am not sure if I have the credentials to get in. As of right now, I have earned a 3.54 college GPA, with about 50 credits and a SAT score of 1470. In addition, I have a leadership position in my fraternity, along with being an active member in two business clubs. I also have gotten a recommendation from one of the business professors at Kelley. What are my chances of getting in?

I am a littler bit unsure if I will get in because, I heard that it is really competitive to get into the business school as an external transfer. Any thoughts?