Financial Aid & Scholarships from UofSC

Whats the realistic view of receiving any money from UofSC? We’ve already been accepted but didn’t hear about any merits. Waiting on the Financial package to come in to see what/if any we get. Does anyone have an idea of when that would come out?

I should also state that she’s an OOS student. This is her first choice and trying to make this a reality for her.

Merit guidance for OOS students is outlined here:

Compare the various scholarships to see where your child’s stats fall. Note that GPA is recalculated by U of SC, so what shows for her high school will likely not be the same as what the university uses.

And realize that the stats on those scholarships hasn’t been updated in about a year. We looked at that info over the summer and when my daughter applied she was promised about 2 scholarship levels lower than what that page says. Maybe they are conservative in the beginning since it says “at least” in the letter or the applicants are getting better, way better. Good luck!

My sons letter of acceptance had an amount with “At least” but I know another student with better grades and SAT with nothing in their letter Strange: At least at this point he knows he’s getting something

I just looked at the scholarship link that LuckyCharms posted. It mentions “tuition reduction”. That sounds vague. Anybody know what the value of that is?

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It’s on the Bursar’s webpage. Tuition and Required Fees - Bursar's Office | University of South Carolina

There are a couple of different tuition amounts - check the notes to see which one matches up with the scholarship received - I believe it’s either 5, 6, 8 or 111