Fordham Class of 2025 - Regular Decision Date: Mar 15

Two more days before EA Deadline so I’m starting this thread for parents/students to discuss and share info for Fordham Class of 2025.

Our D submitted EA app on 10/11 with all documents received to Fordham on 10/27. Now, we are waiting :slight_smile:

Good luck to all !!!


DD submitted last night.
In the immortal words of Tom Petty, “waiting is the hardest part!”
Good luck!

Hi, I am an international student from Ecuador!
I just applied to Fordham University yesterday, on the Early Action Plan.
Someone here knows how to get into the Global Business Program?
I’d love to be part of it. And I think I have good stats for it.

Is EA the best option for consideration for merit aid?

My son has applied EA to the Gabelli School.

Does anyone else use for analysis for business schools? Our college counselor recommended it and Gabelli ranks pretty well.

There is a 2020 ranking link as well:

The actual rankings are embedded in the article (go to page 4 to see rankings). It’s a bit weird how they’ve done it.

On a EA related note, remember that FAFSA and CISS are both required at Fordham (deadline is 11/15)

Does anyone know what time decisions come out on December 19th?

I am thinking they might come out next Friday…

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How come?

In the past few years they have come out on the Friday about a week before the stated date. We will see. Wishing you the best…


oh thank you!

Good luck to all!

Does anyone know if accepted EA when need based aid might be awarded? I assume merit would come with the offer. Just didn’t know if anyone had experience with need based notifications. I did attend an admissions webinar last month and I am pretty sure they addressed that but of course I can’t remember now!

Our son applied EA 10/27
Good luck everyone!

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Hoping EA decisions come out today.

Good luck everyone !!!


Hopeful they’re today as well. Good luck everyone who applied!


Guess so, kinda bummed but hopefully next week

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Some people emailed admissions last year and got a response as to when decisions would be posted. Do you guys want to email and ask? Doesn’t seem like it would hurt

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yes please!

I’m not sure, the past two years they have come out on the second Friday of December…

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wonder what day they’ll do it next week. really don’t wanna wait until friday :frowning: