Forum Formating?

<p>Wow, is that Ad-Stream ad real or am I getting hit by a new form of spyware? It's so wide and takes up so much screen space, it makes it hard to read posts.</p>

<p>I wouldn't dream of being critical of what's paying the bills around here, but that one might need some minor adjustments.</p>

<p>Agreed. Very, very aggravating. "Fast, powerful and annyoying"</p>

<p>Truly ugly - it makes reading these boards painful.</p>

<p>I agree! I certainly hope it will be gone soon and replaced with a lovely little advertisement formatted vertically instead of horizontally! (For some reason it makes me feel as though I were looking at the screen sideways.)</p>

<p>I suggest we start a petition if this thing is not gone in one day.</p>

<p>Ahaha! Great advertising!</p>

<p>Enormously irritating.</p>

<p>I agree
I do this on a 12" laptop and the reading space is now squeezed into a narrow section. I imagine the ads rotate like at sporting events ;)- so I will probably not be on as much until this one changes.</p>

<p>I was wondering myself...reading this forum is now quite a pain...very narrow band. In fact, I think the band for the ads is wider than the band for posts.</p>

<p>Wow. That is SO annoying! I hope that it's just a glitch that will be fixed after the holiday.</p>

<p>that is really bad! if that isn't taken away i'll be very aggravated !</p>

<p>Or else
it is just
going to
drive me

<p>this ad may just be the thing I need to wean me off CC</p>

<p>Yes, this adstream ad is HORRIBLE. I hope they find a new way to place their ads. If anything, it discourages me from looking at anything that is place the way this ad appears.</p>

<p>I too hope that they can work something out because the format may end up driving people away or having them think negatively about adstream thus defeating the purpose of advertising</p>

<p>Ahem. This complaining about the $#@%$#$ ad is probably improper and I strongly suggest everyone review their TOS agreement before commenting further. Examples of inappropriate comments would be:</p>

<p>to suggest nobody is watching
to comment on the formatter's birthmother
to suggest the formatter seek employment with a friendly Middle Eastern government as a "detainee interviewer"</p>

<p>All of the above will probably get you banned. I hope y'all have learned your lesson.</p>

<p>To the mods-just trying be helpful.;) And under our TOS I have dutifully reported myself.</p>

<p>curm - your post is priceless. Whew - I'm sure glad you didn't do any of the things you suggest, because I'd hate to see you banned. Thank you for warning us all to abide by the terms of service. Maybe you should also warn the board to make sure we don't suggest that adstream go to ****.</p>

<p>Terrible lay-out due to this intrusive ad-thing. Super annoying!</p>

<p>Hmmmmm..... maybe they put that vertical source of annoyance on here purposely to get all of us to agree on something, band together, and say nice, friendly, supportive things to each other (albeit at their expense).Very generous, and clever.. And, it pays the freight at the same time. Smart, smart....</p>

<p>In my business, it is common knowledge that you put out a crappy interface first, then anything else looks good. It's called conditioning. I wonder what they are preparing us for?</p>