Foundation Fellowship - class of 2024

Does anyone know when UGA will be releasing decisions about the Foundation Fellowship this year? Thank you.

Last year it was the 9th so it should be the 8th this year if they want to keep it on a Wednesday.

Good luck! My D is a Fellow. It invited to interview weekend, feel free to PM me with any questions.

@sjanasik how are students notified?

Thank you so much.

Hopefully my son will get selected. Thank you so much.

I think it is by email but I am not sure.

Decisions are out. My sone was not chosen to be in the program.

Sorry for your son. Notified by email? we haven’t seen anything yet.

Thanks for reporting here, @mdlima. It’s a very, very competitive program.

Congrats to the 57 finalists!

Rejected here.

My son was not selected either. He seems fine about it—he knew the odds.

We are still hoping to get some type of merit scholarship from UGA, though. S was auto admit to Honors, but no merit.

DD’s good friend also rejected. They were both auto admit to Honors. Oh well it just freed up our calendar. We are OOS so this probably has left UGA as an unaffordable option unless there are more merit $ I’m unaware of. They did give DD a waiver for 1/2 the difference in tuition for OOS.

We have not received a notification yet…Was it via email?

check portal

I’ve seen students who were not selected get offered additional merit in the past. Fingers crossed for you guys.

Nothing in the portal either…

It is in the Portal. You need to select Foundation Fellowship Application. Congratulations to the students who got in. For the ones who didn’t, hopefully they will still be offered some type of scholarship.

My daughter was not selected either. SHe got a merit offer with her acceptance and was auto admit to honors, Hoping there is additional merit in April. She has great offers elsewhere so it wouldn’t make sense otherwise…of course UGA is her 1st choice!