Franklin and Marshall vs SUNY New Paltz

Hi everyone! I’m a current High School senior from New York City.
I’m trying to decide between Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, PA and SUNY New Paltz in New Paltz, NY, going in as undecided (with interests in sociology, social work, and/or urban planning). In both schools, I would basically be paying the same amount, so financially they’re equal, although for the value FandM is greater, since it’s originally 75k.

FandM is a smaller college, with a little over 2,000 undergrad students, and a 9:1 student to teacher ratio which I love. Everyone says their academics are amazing, and their professors truly care about their students and are super open to asking questions, office hours, etc, which I would definitely take advantage of! FandM also seems to have a strong alumni network, through OSPGD and the True Blue Network. The college houses are also intriguing, since they’re not traditional dorms and all have ac/heat. I visited the campus and it’s stunning, along with the surrounding area, although it is 3.5-4hrs away from me which is a bit concerning. I also don’t know if Greek life is a big part of campus, b/c if I decide to not participate, I don’t want to not have a social life, you know.

SUNY New Paltz is closer to home, about 1.5 hrs away which is comforting, and has a larger student body of about 6,000 kids, which means there’s a bigger range of kids and personalities to make friends and such! Everyone that I know who goes there, or know someone who does, say they absolutely love it!! New Paltz also has a huge class selection, and since I’m undecided and want to explore a lot of different classes, the broad selection is super exciting. The campus is decent, and the surrounding area seems rly fun and walkable, which I love. Lastly, simply from the FB groups, the incoming class of 2025 seems super amazing!!

If you know or go to Franklin and Marshall or New Paltz, please reply, decision day is right around the corner for me! Thanks everyone!!

Why is 1.5 hours more comforting than 3.5 hours? Part of going to college is that- going to college - getting away from home. And you’re close enough that you can get home or your parents can come as needed. And on holidays, you can probably catch a ride with someone either to the train or to NJ and your parents can get you.

From Niche, F&M is not hugely Greek.

Neither are nationally known names but F&M is the better school for myriad reasons and many in the NE will know it.

If cost is the same, it seems to me F&M is the better option.

It sounds like it’s your preference but you are looking to justify New Paltz because of the distance from home. In general, Suny B, Stony Brook, and maybe Buffalo are somewhat known - but no others.

You got a great deal if you equaled in state tuition on F&M.

Good luck.


F&M (an elite, national college) at an instate public’s cost? Wow, that should be a no-brainer.
Congratulations BTW. Many must be envious you got into Franklin&Marshall and got such fantastic financial aid!

wrt to class selection: Franklin and Marshall offers about 700 classes each semester, of which you can only take 4. Your problem will be too many exciting choices. :slight_smile:
3.5-4 hours is really not far, it’s a half day’s drive if that. You could drive 10 hours and still be within NYS. If there’s an emergency it’s really easy to get home when it’s under 5-6 hours drive.

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