French grand ecole vs. American liberal arts

<p>So guys, I've applied to both French grande ecole Sciences Po (invited to interview) and some top 30 liberal arts colleges (best ranked is Bowdoin and worst is either Bates or Mt Holyoke). My main interest is in Law and Politics. I'm European and don't hold American Green Card so probably would be hard to get into top 25 law schools and then get working visa. but on the other hand, living in the states for 4 years is a great expereience and it'd broaden my horizons coz of different culture and education while the french one is not that different from my home country.</p>

<p>so the question is what would u choose and what about prestige? plus i applied ED 2 and if i get accepted, is it possible to reject the offer for EU university?</p>


<p>The best course of action depends on your personal means and goals.</p>

<p>Do you want to study and practice law? In that case you would be better off in France than in the US. In France you would go straight to law school w/o getting a Bachelor's degree in another subject first, wouldn't you? You could get an advanced law degree in the US after finishing your law degree in France if you still want to experience the US after college.</p>

<p>Are finances an issue? If you are applying for financial aid, you might end up with $20,000 in loans in addition to your family contribution to tuition, room and board. Your family contribution will probably exceed your contribution to an education in France. Is a US degree worth the financial burden it would entail? Also keep in mind that a liberal arts degree from the US is not nearly as marketable as a professional degree (e.g. law or public policy) from France. </p>

plus i applied ED 2 and if i get accepted, is it possible to reject the offer for EU university?


You are not supposed to do that. The EU university may or may not honor the ED agreement in case the American university decides to contact them. The American university can release you from your ED agreement due to extenuating circumstances. Finances might be a reason or a family member falling terminally ill (God forbid). "Changing your mind" is not usually accepted as an excuse though. That's why it is an early decision plan.</p>

<p>unless you receive fin aid (much harder in general for internationals but few US schools are need-blind), 4-yr private college + 3-yr law school here would cost you 400K USD!!!</p>

<p>Thank you for your replies.</p>

<p>I'm just wondering can I as an international student get into Top 25 law schools with FA? I mean I don't wanna go to the States to end up studying law in some Tier 4 Law School and the chances of getting a work permit are really small as far as I know. And I0m stubborn so I want to go after my dream since I was a kid so I say only yes to law.</p>

<p>Many people told me that the ED agreement does not apply to the EU universities so I applied in order to increase my chances. And then you say it's not true. I'd feel really bad if I had to break my promise (ED)... Now I'm just talking hypotethically since I didn't get into any school but I dont want to end up regreting acceptance from my ED school (which I really love, but in a way I love FR better coz it's closer to home, i'd learn the language, etc..) coz I can't go to FR. Or even stay at home country. </p>

<p>So does anyone about those two issues with ED and non-US universities and ints getting accepted to top law schools? </p>


Many people told me that the ED agreement does not apply to the EU universities so I applied in order to increase my chances.


There are students who have gotten their Oxford acceptance revoked because they had applied ED to some American university. I would not count on getting out of the ED agreement, although it is possible if the European university does not care.</p>

I'm just wondering can I as an international student get into Top 25 law schools with FA?


Law school financial aid is loans, not grants. Assume that you will have to pay for the full cost of law school - either now or once you have a job.</p>

<p>Maybe your best bet is to attend Law school in France ($0) or Sciences Po and apply for an LLM in the US. I believe there is no LSAT for LLM.
International</a> LLM Applicants</p>

<p>Then you would pay only law school</p>

<p>Thanks sambouc.</p>

<p>Does anyone else know anything about the drill concerining ED and European universities? Has anyone been in similar position?</p>

<p>Laws are different in different countries. Studying law in the US would be useless for practice in other countries, and you're correct, a work visa allowing you to stay is almost impossible. They are many unemployed American lawyers. </p>

<p>I can't imagine it would be too hard to get out of ED to go to an EU college.</p>

<p>So if by any chance I get into this situation should I be honest and tell them other reasons (except finances) behind my decision and whether I should communicate with my European university about the situation (what if ED school contacts EU school?)?</p>

<p>Your best bet would be to email the ED2 college/university, and ask to be moved into the RD pool. That way you will not have any conflict with the European universities.</p>

<p>Spending four years on a US undergraduate degree, three more on a US law degree, not being able to work in the US, and being unprepared for the workforce in Europe simply makes no sense either in time, or in money. Do the math. Don't forget to account for tuition/fee/other expense increases over time. Depending on the undergraduate and graduate institutions involved, you could easily spend upwards of USD 500k.</p>

<p>Hello luluzg</p>

<p>you should contact the LAC and ask to be moved to the RD pool. There are some more and some less strict universities in the EU, but remember: It's easier for any bureaucrat to simply deny you entrance rather than hassle with your US-agreement.
As said, people have been denied entrance to Oxbridge, LSE or ETHZ before, dont gamble your future.</p>

<p>Law is also a difficult field to study abroad. Especially central European and US/UK-law differ dramatically. Not even to mention the dramatic cost and time differences.
The smartest thing would be to study law in the EU and then add foreign degrees postgrad.</p>

<p>If you want to go more into the direction of politics (as am I) you should be fine with your choices (except the ED - get that fixed). I too applied to various LACs in the US, the UCAS-5, to the Netherlands and even a couple really far abroad. It's definately possible to get into any of these institutions.</p>

<p>Ok. But what if my application has been already reviewed and decided upon? The thing is I applied as a RD but a week before ED deadline I contacted them to move me into ED pool.
I believe I'd seem really arrogant and disrespectful.
Or the other option might be to contact EU university and explain them my situation by saying that I'd stay in ED but if I get accepted to both schools I'd choose theirs so if this would be acceptable?</p>

<p>If you know that indeed you would choose the EU university over the US university if you were admitted by both, contact the US university again. Apologize for the trouble, and ask to be moved back into the RD group.</p>

<p>Yes they might think you are "arrogant and disrespectful", but they also might think that you are being sensible given that you are an international candidate and you need to have time to consider your options/find the money/talk your parents into it.</p>

<p>I'm not familiar with Sciences Po, but at least the engineering "Grandes </p>

<p>I know. This is one of the reasons I prefer FR over USA</p>

<p>If you get accepted to science po, GO THERE!! It's one of the best(if not the best) schools in France and has a very good reputation worldwide!</p>

<p>thnx for the advice!
i'll go there if i get accepted. it's an awesome school and it's closer to home :)</p>

<p>i just got into ED school but with insuficient fa. i e-mailed them to revise my fa offer.
hahaha i'll probably end up declining ed offer and tne get rejected by sciencespo :S</p>

<p>so what was the deal? where did you go? just curious to know :)</p>