<p>So I’m having issues narrowing down colleges. I’ve already taken out UCF and UF because they are too massive for me but I’m still stuck with 3 options and going to all three is definitely not an option.</p>

<p>So can you help me compile a list of the pros and cons of going to each college (specifically the honors college + regular and Harriet Wilkes for FAU)? I want to go where I will have the most opportunities to succeed and be able to take full advantage of the college experience overall. </p>

<p>Thank you</p>

<p>Have you toured any of them? I personally have been to all 3, though I’m not attending college yet, so my opinions are mostly based on what I’ve seen while visiting.
FAU definitely had more of a small school feel than USF or FSU. USF has a beautiful campus and I felt very comfortable on their campus. I only drove around FSU briefly, so all I really know about FSU is that they also have a really pretty campus.
If you haven’t already I would definitely recommend touring these schools if you can. I personally got a totally different impression of USF and FAU from visiting them than from just looking at their websites.</p>

<p>I do agree with dflorida that you should tour them, a lot of people feel differently about each. Personally, I think you have to take a very real view of things. I’ll try and go down a couple of different aspects:</p>

<p>Academics - I would have to say FSU. Not only is it ranked higher or USNews, but it’s a state flagship imo and has that position for a reason. Smart people get in there. That being said though, USF is not bad and I think neither is FAU Honors (Especially with the personal attention from FAU)</p>

<p>Environment is for you to decide.</p>

<p>Money - I would expect FSU and FAU to be the keys here. On US News and collegeboard it says USF did not meet full need for pretty much ANYONE. On the other hand, FSU gives up to $9600(i think over 4 years) merit and FAU Honors gives up to $5000 not counting other scholarships.</p>

<p>Location - Obviously you can decide how far you want/don’t want to be. </p>

<p>That’s all I can think about for right now. Good luck on the decision!</p>

<p>OH, and I forgot research! FAU Honors is right across the street if I’m not mistaken from a research place. But with that being said, USF and FSU also get a SIGNIFICANT amount of research (USF being known for their research more imo) too. So, to me each would suffice, but I would probably give the hand to USF. </p>

<p>So, all in all, you might be able to see I lean just a little to FSU, but not too much :smiley: As I said before, good luck!</p>

<p>I’m not too familiar with USF, so I can’t be much help there. But I spent a week on the FSU campus and live a block away from FAU, so I can help out there.</p>

<p>Honestly, for me FSU is easily the superior school, academically and socially. FAU does not come close (and USF is not as good, either). FSU is a school where people from all over the state WANT to go; at FAU, you’re more likely to hear students say “Oh, I HAVE to go to FAU because (finances/low grades or test scores/had to stay home for personal reasons).” FAU is certainly not a bad school; it has strong programs in science and technology and is expanding extremely rapidly (it is ALWAYS building something on campus, and it just added a medical school), and its reputation will probably be better in 10 years than it is right now. But for now, if you have the opportunity to go to FSU over FAU, I say take it.</p>

<p>There is a HUGE difference with regard to location. The Panhandle is more like Alabama or Georgia than the rest of Florida in terms of both climate and culture. Tallahassee is a nice, typical college town that’s also the state capitol, so it’s perfect if you’re into anything political. The campus is very beautiful, with lots of old, red brick buildings, big shady trees, and a really gorgeous old dining hall. It is a very traditional campus experience.</p>

<p>FAU is very different. If you like year-round heat and easy access to the beach, of course, both FAU and USF beat FSU. The main FAU campus is in Boca Raton, while honors classes are held at a satellite campus in Jupiter, about 40 miles north. Both cities are similar: affluent and extremely suburban, with a lot of retirees and very few young people. Boca in particular is a living stereotype of the lavish South Florida retired lifestyle. The tallest building in town is literally a big pink country club. Jupiter is just a little quieter and a little more like old fashioned Florida, but still very wealthy and dominated by retirees. Neither city is great for a college student. FAU isn’t as big as FSU, but at least the main campus doesn’t feel small at all. It matches the suburbs around it; very spread out but the landscaping is nothing special; the buildings are all very new and basically concrete painted in pastel. It looks and feels like an extension of the cookie-cutter gated communities around it. I don’t know what the Jupiter campus is like. I assume it’s much smaller than the main campus, but I don’t know if it has that small-school environment. Yes, it’s near a scientific research facility, Scripps, and a new one, Max Planck. I guess that’s pretty cool, if you like science. FAU is a very residential campus and really doesn’t feel like a community the way small schools do. I have nothing against FAU, most of my family went there, I have lots of friends there, I think it’s a great school. But you will have WAY more opportunities at FSU, and IMO you’d be insane to choose FAU over FSU.</p>

<p>I meant FAU is NOT a residential campus above.</p>