Furman Class of 2022

I applied EA. Anyone Else?

I did ED and got accepted!

When did you hear? And how did you hear…letter, email? I applied EA.


My son applied EA.

@swimgirl1 I’m Sav23 i just forgot my password! I found out November 15th!

15th online, 19/20th Mail!

@JuniorSav23 Congrats!!! Were you EA or ED?

ED notification was on 11/15. EA notification will be on 12/20 (email).

My son also applied EA. We were on campus today for a portfolio review and they confirmed the 12/20 notification for EA.

I’ve also applied as EA. Super excited to get the email soon!

Does anyone know if any merit or FA offers come with acceptances?

Not sure about FA. For merit aid, you’ll hear about the Bell Tower Scholarship, if that is applicable. It has a range, depending on applicant’s grades, classes, test scores, etc. so it can be different for each applicant. For all other merit aid, you have to apply separately - all the info is on the website.

S received the email today that said to check his portal at 5pm tomorrow. I’m assuming that’s Eastern. I wish I could be as low key as he is about all of these decisions coming in now.

Good to know. Thanks!

Decisions are in! My D was accepted with a Belltower.

My S was also accepted with a Belltower scholarship! Super excited for him.

same thing here, katespeare - D was accepted with a Bell Tower scholarship. She’s very excited!

My D was deferred and is very disappointed. She has high stats (35 ACT and 4.0 UW), so we’re not sure what happened. Does anyone know if that means she doesn’t have any chance at a merit scholarship? Guessing that’s what this means which means Furman won’t be on the table for her. :frowning:

That is strange, @Emmycat. The only thing I can think of is not showing interest? We are also a bit confused, because my D was awarded a Furman Scholars award this past June, and that wasn’t in her acceptance letter. Her Belltower was many thousands less than a friend who very similar (but lesser) stats. I would contact the admissions counselor and inquire.

As for the big merit scholarships, they are announced later, and she seems like she would be a good candidate from stats alone.