George Washington University Fall 2020 Transfers

Hi everyone! I am starting this thread for people interested in transferring to GW for fall 2020. I am a oos student from a 4 year university with 56 credits completed 7 in progress 3.7 gpa. I am hoping for acceptance into HSSJ. I have not submitted the app yet but it’s complete, just waiting to see the school on my visit on Wed to confirm my interest. Let’s get this thread going!

Hello, I’ll be applying very soon to the college of engineering. As it stands I have a 3.71 GPA also but don’t have extracurriculars except 6 years of work experience. So I think it could go either way. We’ll see what happens!

Yeah, I feel like for me it could go either way as well. Especially because during my visit I talked to an admissions rep and they said last year their acceptance rate for transfers was only 28%! But I also visited UMD College Park and I think I liked it better than GW. But I’m def still applying to both

good news is that I read today that GW is going to accept more transfers this year.

Thanks for letting us know! That makes me feel a bit better

Hey everyone! I am applying to transfer as a sophomore. 4.0 GPA from large mid-west state school, going the test optional route, have lots of political internships and student government under my belt. I am applying into the Political Communication major. I was waitlisted as a freshman last spring but hoping my GPA will help me out this year! Does anyone know when decisions are supposed to come out? The website said June or July but most other schools need a decision by then so it makes me nervous.

When I talked to an admissions counselor after my tour they said it would likely be early June- but that was before the coronavirus thing got bad

Where did you see more transfers being accepted ? @sdl0625

I have a lower GPA 3.4 and applied as a sophomore majoring in International Relations for fall 2020. But during my freshmen year I went on a service trip to Guatemala and was accepted into the University of Cambridge’s study abroad program for this summer. While my academics are average I made sure to distinguish myself with the achievements I’ve made so far. Hoping for an acceptance!

Hey guys- does anyone know anything about GW’s community? I love the major I applied to and the location of the school but when I visited I didn’t get a strong sense of community like I did at UMD. Anyone know anyone who goes there?

One of my closest friends goes to GW! She’s in a sorority and loves it, but she does acknowledge that you have to join an organization/club to find a sense of community. I feel like this goes for any school in a city, especially one without a traditional campus.

@whatever4ever Thanks for the info! Yeah I kind of got that vibe when I visited. I bet also being a transfer student would be doubly hard…

@RealLuchiano an article in the hatchet, which is their student run newspaper

Hey, does anyone know how they’ll get the “College Report” completed now with Covid-19?

@17andcomingclean i would suggest emailing your schools registrar. I know for my university the main offices are still open it’s just the campus is closed. Thankfully, I had everything complete to submit my application beginning of March before covid-19.

Few questions for you guys, if that’s cool. Have you all submitted your applications already? When do you think you’ll here back?

Also curious if anyone has experience / knowledge about the transfer admissions process at GW… I hear conflicting reports on these forums. (I just submitted my transfer package)

@DRNJAO my application is complete and submitted. When I asked after my tour someone in admissions said that we would likely hear back in early June, but that was before the pandemic got bad here

Hey I called recently. And the represenative I spoke to on the phone actually said the COVID situation would likely (not guranteed) actually speed up the admissions decision process on their end. Yup! Great news. (at least for transfer admissions)

@DRNJAO Cool, thanks for the info! I’m hoping that it does speed it up ?