Georgetown university in Qatar'25

Guys, I have created this chat in order to get in touch with all students who are going toget into Georgetown university in Qatar!

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heyyy!! i’m applying this year too!! is there anyone applying test optional?

Hi guys,
I am also willing to apply of GU-Q 2025
Have anyone of you completed your application

Not yet, but I am going to complete it soon as deadline is coming.

Did anyone get an invitation for the interview?

yup I gave mine last week

Hi everyone! I’ve applied to GU-Q as well. All the info about every academic year is available on their site (Annual report) if you wish to find out about acceptance rate, a number of students for the Class of 2024, achievements of students.

When approximately have you applied?

Thank you very much!

do you know an average SAT or ACT score that is needed to get into GU-Q?

Unfortunately, no. I guess, SAT/ACT Scores are not that high as those of studying in main campus (Washington, DC) since it is a satellite campus, yet the higher score the better chances of admissibility

I submitted my final application on the 1st of February, then got an interview invitation on the 16th

My interview got over last week

Any news?